Windows 8: Windows App Store screenshots leak?

By Tom Warren, on 11th Apr 11 1:36 pm with 53 Comments

Windows App Store for Windows 8

Microsoft’s Windows App Store screenshots appear to have leaked for the first time on Monday.

The screenshots show Microsoft’s new application store for Windows. The store appears to be running in Windows 7, hinting that the software giant may also be planning to offer its app store for legacy versions of Windows. Cnbeta posted the screenshots on Monday, however WinRumors is unable to confirm their authenticity at this time. The screenshots appear to show a number of Microsoft’s own software, including third party software from Opera and Mozilla.

Microsoft is known to be working on an App Store for Windows 8 and the naming in the leaked screenshots is of interest. The company recently filed an objection to Apple’s use of the term “App Store”, claiming the phrase is generic. If today’s screenshots are genuine then this explains why Microsoft is fighting hard to use the “App Store” branding.

The revelation of Microsoft’s Windows App Store comes shortly after a number of leaked Windows 8 screenshots and information:

Microsoft has so far been extremely quiet on the Windows 8 front. Windows Chief, Steven Sinofsky, took to the stage at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January to introduce a technology preview of Microsoft’s Windows ARM support and show off an early build of Windows 8. Microsoft is partnering with ARM-based manufactures NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments to produce new Tablet devices.

Microsoft has started to distribute Windows 8 builds to key OEM partners via its Connect testing site. The company has distributed build 7971.0.110324-1900 to OEMs in a special invite only “Windows 8 and Server vNext Pre-Release Program.”

Update: We were right to be wary about the origins of the screenshots. The screenshots originate from a third-party application store called AppMarts.

  • Tim

    Uh oh, they used Angry Birds again!

    • Brian Spencer

      Haha. Good thing, this time, there’s already Angry Birds for Windows. I suspect it will do much better in the Windows App Store though, considering nobody uses Intel’s AppUp Store that it’s currently on.

  • leakAddict

    I would be cautious of these pictures at present

  • Anonymous

    Some of the icons are from the free icon set famfamfam by the looks of it. They could be placeholders, but don’t MS normally use orange circles for those?

  • e.l.v.i.j.s. j.

    Fake. App Store name is licensed by Apple and it’s more likely that it will be named Marketplace.

    • D.O.M

      I think you’ll find Apple are trying to license it.

    • Anonymous

      Microsoft is already in the courts to challenge this:

      And the screenshot above is precisely the reason….

    • Guest

      it is said to be an internal codename, the final name may be Windows Store or Windows Marketplace or sth

    • Tristan Thomas

      For you to say “Fake. App Store name is licensed by Apple and it’s more likely that it will be named Marketplace.” shows that you actually did not read the article through. Dont troll :P

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a work in progress… Isn’t it funny how Microsoft fails to recognise the current tech trends immediately. They didn’t even notice the internet!

    • frankwick

      FYI : Microsoft’s plans for an ap store in Win 8 were leaked early last year. This was way before anyone else (apple) announced plans for an app store in their desktop OS. Intel has also since released their app store for Windows.

    • Anonymous

      This is something that people fail to notice, much like the universal search on OSx and other features that made it to their OS were first demoed by Microsoft and later introduced by Apple.

    • Guest

      Correct Universal Search was first demoed before Apple, but it was taken from BeOS, as well as (in Japan at least, for Microsoft) error messages would be written as haikus, this was in BeOS in all languages I think but was only in the web browser NetPositive. Nowadays BeOS lives on in an open source recreation called Haiku ( and has a WebKit browser called WebPositive. It has lots of apps and more still created for it since it was once a commercial operating system. I make no accusation that Microsoft hasn’t made something great themselves, I’m well aware they have.

    • ricegf

      Linux, of course, delivered the first desktop app store in 2002 ( And of course it was not a commercial success. *sigh*

      (I’m not counting the excellent repository system of software management that’s been in use by all major Linux products since 1998 as an “app store” because, until recently, none of the majors supported software purchases through it.)

  • ASV93

    Fake. Reasons:

    -Image edited over WMP12.
    -Windows AppStore won’t be available for Windows 7.
    -Windows AppStore can’t be named “AppStore” (Trademark registered by Apple).
    -Windows AppStore will have Metro UI.

    • Seb

      It’s a work in progress but I believe it’s not fake :
      - “won’t be available for Windows 7″ : it won’t, but for the time of development it could be.
      - “can’t be named “AppStore” : maybe this is the reason why Microsoft has sued Apple..
      - “will have Metro UI” : it depends on the theme you selected in W8 I suppose..

    • Guest

      and the dots after ‘New Apps’ can be considered as a Metro element

    • Tom

      Infringement is costly. That’s why Microsoft named their app store “Marketplace” for Windows Phone.

      Google likes to shoot first and ask questions later.

      Microsoft has learned that it pays to win the lawsuit *before* using the name.

    • Anonymous

      Google does this so organisations have to waste legal costs fighting them and look bad (to Google supporters anyway) and non-profits can’t fight them. They knew Yahoo wouldn’t chase them with Buzz and The Go! programming language author couldn’t do anything about Google taking the name Go as examples.

  • Mark Gibbs

    I don’t like it, I like the WP7 App Store the more Zune like interface, this looks to much like Apple’s Itunes that everyone hates..

  • St Karthik

    Its a fake :D

  • GP007

    I think the windows app store or whatever the final name is will be more like the Zune client UI wise.

  • Misak Ghazaryan

    i call fake, its clearly photoshopped over wmp12 as ASV93 said, the angry birds app icon is taken directly from the apple app store, the ui is inconsitent there is a serious lack of organisation (apps are not categoried) and microsoft wouldnt abandon marketplace for app store irrelevant of whatever legal battle happens to be in progress.

  • w1ngnut

    Hope this is just a mockup to test the functionality. I’m getting tired of this blueness…

  • Jkers

    could have sworn that I have seen this before, you sure they are not fake?

    • Guest

      that CNBeta page said that the first two english screenshots are ‘previously leaked’, and the following two chinese screenshots are ‘the news’.

    • Tom W

      Yes indeed. I should have made this more clear.

    • Guest

      Your post didn’t make anything clear regarding that. The post says “appear to have leaked for the first time on Monday” which is definitely not the case. You simply posted a screenshot taken from cnbeta that has been available for *months* that could have been created by anybody. Some of the mistakes were nicely highlighted by Andrew Lyle at Neowin back in January (

      Microsoft doesn’t call an operating system “OS”
      “Leaked” screens wouldn’t showcase Opera.
      The menus are ugly and icons are overkill
      The top header is so empty in the second image, with the home button.

      Unfortunately, a lot of news sites did not fact check and picked up on this story today and are now reporting it as ‘new and relevant news’. There’s a major difference between reporting new rumors about Windows 8 as news and posting highly questionable screenshots that are months old claiming to be a Windows App Store.

    • Guest

      My bad, posted the wrong link when copy pasting. It should have been:

  • oolong2

    Windows 7 Ultimate as an “App”??? Sorry that doesn’t make any sense. Neither does Opera or Office for that matter.

    I think I’m going to call fake as well… All indications are that they will be using Silverlight and XNA for their “app store” just like for X-Box and windows phone. So it’s all one big eco-system. Showing things like an OS, Opera, Office, and Angry Birds (just because of how obviousl that is) just doesn’t line up.

    • frankwick

      they make sense. If someone has Windows Home Premium, then an an upgrade to Ultimate seems like a valid purchase. Why wouldn’t Opera or Office make sense? Aren’t both of those downloadable installable apps?

    • oolong2

      Read my other comments. I think the App Store is going to be limited to Silverlight & XNA development so that it lines up with Xbox and Windows Phone. The OS or Office would not be developed using that. I seriously doubt Microsoft is planning to replace Windows Update with an app store.

      Secondly why would you install “Windows 7″ if you have “Windows 8″?………………………….

      Third why would Opera of all things be one of the first apps listed when Microsoft is all about IE?…….

      As someone who has watched Microsoft release new software over the years. The whole thing just smells wrong. My feeling is that the app store will be limited to small quickly downloadable apps not huge applications or OS changes.

    • frankwick

      I’m not saying this is real. If it is real then that is just seed data. Besides replace “7″ with “8″ and a home user would want to download the update.

      I was simply commenting on your post about these apps not “making sense.”

    • Guest

      Microsoft have actually shown Firefox to promote that the product could run in Firefox and have also recommended Chrome in the past, but yes this is fake.

  • Bruno Nunes

    i call it fake either. doesnt seem something microsoft would use for the next gen.

  • Chris Woelfel

    I hope it’s fake because that is cluttered to the max.

  • Guest

    Tom warren, Don’t be a blogger to gain some Clicks and Traffic.

  • ynotm

    seems these screenshots originated from this thread (which has no source):

    general consensus is that they are fake

    • Quppa

      While the original screenshots did scream ‘fake’ for reasons outlined in that thread, that these new screenshots are fully localised in Simplified Chinese might lend some credence to their authenticity. On the other hand, it might just suggest that the person who made the images is Chinese.

      Assuming the screenshots were taken within Windows 8, shouldn’t the title bar text be centred? (In fact, isn’t Aero Basic being replaced by Aero Lite?)

  • Imtheredude

    wow looks like iTunes. But i really dig Microsoft’s Blue and Green color theme.

  • FukYouMicroshaft!

    Does microsoft always copy Apple? Even similar gradients are used!

  • Paras Valecha

    Looks great but I hope they use the Zune-esque Metro UI for this. It looks much better.

  • Guest

    @Tomwarren. You should have seen your parent site before putting this

  • ✔ Vlad

    definitely fake

  • MVIM

    It’s fake because the title bar text isn’t centered, as all other Windows 8 leaks have shown.

  • Anonymous

    This is OLD and very fake.

  • Josè Daniel

    Yes, quite old and called fake.

  • Stephen Robinson

    Tsk looks fake, if its not microsoft are a joke.

  • User78405

    Microsoft side with Nvidia i am “shock and awe” finally a OS is optimized future Nvidia GPGpu not AMD GPU, what happen? the good news is the next xbox power by Nvidia again i am wondering they have make two gpus for both consoles ?

  • Noreply

    ugly as siht

  • Noreply

    ugly as siht

  • MASposts

    Hello! Windows 8 has centered title text, and that doesn’t look anything like Windows 8 Aero. PS: ASV93, Microsoft is coutering apple’s trademarking “AppStore”, so it may very well be called an “AppStore.”

  • Rubby

    It be much easier to integrate into zune, and have zune as the default media player..