Windows Live Mesh reaches 5 million connected devices milestone

By Tom Warren, on 1st Mar 11 11:33 pm with 6 Comments

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that the company’s Windows Live Mesh product is now used by 5 million devices.

Windows Live Mesh is now used by 5 million connected devices, with over 3 million users syncing 2.2 petabytes to the cloud. Microsoft originally introduced Windows Live Mesh in September, 2010 and joined SkyDrive as a core component of Microsoft’s consumer cloud strategy. Microsoft’s Dharmesh Mehta, Director of Windows Live Product Management revealed the milestone in a blog posting on Tuesday. ”This marks an important moment in the steady transition to a world where people will use a blend of cloud services & PC-based apps together. As a company, we believe this trend will continue as people seek a personal balance in how they manage their data across multiple devices and services.”

Mehta explained that Microsoft’s consumer cloud strategy comprises of the following parts:

  1. Offering world-class email and chat services with Hotmail and Messenger that connect to services like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and over 75 other websites around the world
  2. Providing a great platform for others to build on, including Microsoft services like XboxOffice, and Windows Phone 7
  3. Connecting Windows to the cloud with Windows Live Essentials

Mehta said that Microsoft is ”excited” to see users embrace Windows Live Mesh, around the world. “In particular, we are only successful in connecting Windows to the cloud if we build software that makes it easy for customers to bring those two worlds together. Since 2005, Windows Live has been designed with this in mind, bringing Windows’ heritage of choice together with the connectedness of the cloud.”

In separate news, Microsoft has sent notices to Live Mesh beta participants reminding them that the beta will be shut down on March 31. The beta allowed users to sync mesh folders directly to desktops.

Dear Live Mesh beta participant,

You’re receiving this message because you used the Live Mesh beta from Microsoft. On March 31, 2011, the beta of Live Mesh will end, and the Live Mesh beta will stop working.After March 31, you won’t be able to access any files stored online in your Live Desktop or connect to your PCs remotely using the Live Mesh software. Microsoft will not be able to help you retrieve any files you have stored online after this date. Your files will also stop syncing between your computers and your Live Mesh online storage

  • Danto18

    Is there no RC or full version of live mesh after the beta finishes?

    • MVIM

      The final version has been out for months. It is the Windows Live Mesh product included with Windows Live Essentials 2011.

    • Danto18

      Oh I just assumed that version was still beta, thanks!

  • Grannyville7989

    The Mac version of Windows Live Mesh is pretty good as well.

  • Danto18

    oh, i just assumed that version was the beta, thanks!

  • GP007

    This is all well and good but the newest Mesh client doesn’t support WP7 yet. And that should be the best way for people to sync documents to the phone instead of emailing them etc. On the other hand once full skydrive sync happens then you can sync to skydrive from the desktops and then get the files from there with the phone.