Windows Live Messenger makes an appearance in Rules of Engagement

By Tom Warren, on 3rd Apr 11 1:04 pm with 7 Comments

Windows laptop on Rules of Enagement

Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger made an appearance in the TV show Rules of Engagement this week.

The software giant’s Windows Live Messenger service appeared on a number of occasions during the latest episode aired on March 31, “The Set up”. Rules of Engagement is a U.S. based sitcom that follows two couples and their single friend life’s with the complications of dating, commitment and marriage. Actor and comedian David Spade used a Windows branded laptop during the show alongside a number of video chats with Windows Live Messenger.

Windows Live Messenger on rules of engagement

This isn’t the first time that Microsoft has used its products in TV spots. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system appeared on The Vampire Diaries, Hawaii Five-O and Bones in the United States last year. Each time a device was featured you could clearly see Windows Phone 7 as a product placement. The Windows Live Messenger appearance on Rules of Engagement is a classic marketing trick by Microsoft which will be seen by millions of viewers. If you’re interested in seeing the whole episode then check out CBS’s catch-up link here or a clip of the spot below.

Thanks to WinRumors reader Joel for the news tip

Image/video Credits: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

  • Rafael Valdés Camelo

    I’ve watched in Smallville too (, and some other Microsoft products (Xbox, WP7) in Bones, How I Met your Mother.

  • Aethec

    I can’t help laughing each time there are Windows stickers on screens in The Mentalist.
    They don’t even blend well with the color of the screen…

  • Manish

    Classical marketing trick. Go on MS

  • Anonymous

    Wish they would put it on more of the recent shows I’ve been watching, like “The Event”, “Community”, etc.

  • Josè Daniel

    There’s one thing I never understand when it comes to advertise real software on fictional stories; why does it seem that they must change the software’s UI to a hybrid one? Is it because of marketing purposes? In this case WLM 2011 is being shown as bordeless and if you notice in 0:06 he has two WLM windows open! lol

    • Adam Haider

      I use to wonder this too. Any time in films or TV shows you see an actor using a computer or piece of technology, most cases it’s just a prop. The graphics team then ‘paint on’ whatever they are told to show within the scene. If Microsoft are paying to promote their product then why alter the design?

    • Josè Daniel