Windows Phone 7.5 devices launched in India

By Tom Warren, on 12th Oct 11 8:15 am with 13 Comments

New Windows Phone 7.5 devices in India

Microsoft launched a number of new Windows Phone 7.5 devices in India on Wednesday.

The software giant held a special launch event at the Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi on Wednesday. Bhaskar Pramanik, Microsoft India chairman, revealed that the HTC Radar will be available next week in India with the Samsung Omnia W and Acer Allegro following in November. I Love Windows Phone India reports that the Radar will include access to localized applications specific to the Indian market.

The HTC Radar features a 3.8-inch WVGA SLCD screen, a 1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM. HTC has included a 5MP rear camera and VGA front facing camera. Windows Phone 7.5 now includes support for front facing cameras, allowing third-party app developers to provide video conferencing applications.

The HTC Radar will go on sale for Rs.23,990 ($489) and the Samsung Omnia W will follow in November priced at Rs.19,900 ($406).

  • Ronit Kumar

    I think I will be waiting for Nokia to launch their devices here (India) and then go for the purchase. Nokia is still the king when it comes to local support here.

  • Joshua Godwin

    The Samsung Omnia W looks tempting at it’s price and specs would have been great with a 8MP camera, but will wait for Nokia to announce availability in India soon, hopefully for Christmas.any idea how much the allegro is priced?

  • jim

    being In Australia I will wait for nokia also.

  • Adfasdf2

    Dude at least change INR to $ so that we can compare. I think the rate these days is around 1$ = 49.5 INR

  • Venkat

    I will wait for HTC Titan :)

  • Jinge

    Isn’t it a bit expensive to be a success in India? I don’t know, but I would like to ;)

    • Krnk15

      At the Omnia W’s price? Not at all. The Radar is a bit too much espicially considering it is underpowered as compared to the Omnia W. All phones sold here are without a carrier subsidy, keep that in mind as well. Prices of phones generally tumble down by Rs. 5000 (100$) in a month or two and competition from Nokia should accelarate that. Overall, pretty competitive prices for being a success in India but promotion/marketing is crucial.

  • Mrgan_tvm

    what is big deal of launching this india when windows phone is still crap without supporting Indian fonts on the phone. ( Support atleast be able read indian websites on wp) . This is totally ridiculous . I have windows phone for  over a year now along side with my 3GS. WP will not succeed in its mission to be viable competitotor.

  • Anonymous

    So no Zune, no local scout, no bing music, no local fonts ( I don’t care about the last one though). So why should anyone bother. Wish they step it up a bit.

  • Kieran

    Got a phone call from phones4u telling me im due and upgrade and asked about windows phones the guy said they are terrible and have more problems than any other operating systems and I asked what operating systems and got told android

  • Rohmish

    In India, many people genearally buy phones which are inexpensive, as example, people buy cheap phones and then keep it changing within two or three month’s. As here, there are no bonds or contract between. The people and the carriers.

  • Sohailsharma

    hi, I have recently got HTC Hd7 & wondering when the marketplace will be available in India.
    As per this news it is available by now but i can’t see it on My phone when I syn it with the Laptop.

    Do mail me on

  • Sam

    Windows phone 7 sucks when it comes to Desi stuff. There is no support for any of the Indian fonts. iPhone had support for these for years now.