Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” installed on 30% of all devices

By Tom Warren, on 12th Oct 11 10:24 am with 12 Comments

HTC TITAN on Windows Phone 7.5

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” update has reached 30% of all existing devices.

Microsoft originally released Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” on September 27 for existing devices. The update is now successfully installed on 30% of all devices according to statistics from the I’m a WP7 application. I’m a WP7 provides statistics from its 84,115 Windows Phone users. The application allows Windows Phone users to discover other users nearby them and send and receive messages to other users. A new Windows Phone user downloads the app every one and a half minutes according to the application developer.

The latest statistics available in the application show that Windows Phone Mango makes up 30% of all devices. Microsoft’s previous update, “NoDo”, still holds onto around 51% of all devices. The release to manufacturing (RTM) build of Windows Phone 7 has around 9% of users. The rest of the statistics include beta versions of Mango and NoDo and some early future Windows Phone builds. Builds 7.10.8058, 7.10.8065, 7.10.8070, 7.10.8072, 7.10.8074, 7.10.8077, 7.10.8083, 7.10.8301 all feature under the Windows Phone 8 beta and Tango section. WPCentral notes that at the current rate of installs, Windows Phone 7.5 should reach 50% of all devices by October 22.

Microsoft is still distributing its update in batches. The company is delivering the update for all European networks with the exception of Telefonica. Spanish operator Telefonica is still testing the Windows Phone 7.5 update. Deutsche Telekom and SFR are both still testing the update for their Samsung Omnia 7 devices. AT&T is still testing the update for the Samsung Focus 1.4 and Dell Venue Pro.

  • Tom Thumb

    30% of 84,115 Windows Phone users, hehe, that many.  I don’t know whether to laugh or offer my condolences.

    • Paul Hill

      its probably end users not plugging in their phones to update. 

    • notePAD

      30% of all devices from the “I’m a WP7′s” 84,115 Windows Phone users.
      Read the post again…

    • Anonymous

      It’s the amount of people who have the actual app installed, dumbass. WP7 passed 1 million users in the first months following release.

    • Bprajapa

      i dont have the app and two of my other friends with wp7 don’t……this stat means nothing in my books 

    • Tom W

      This is only from the amount of users who have installed the app. That’s a lot of users though for one particular app that isn’t widely known.

    • Lewis McCrary

      Reading comprehension or just trolling?  Read it again.  I’d argue that 84,115 having installed a relatively obscure app is actually very impressive. :)

    • Tuxplorer

      Ha ha LOL, you are such a pathetic DUMBASS, Tom Thumb, ROFLMAO!! LOLLLOLOLOLOOLOLOLLLL!

  • Anonymous

    I would rather see statistics straight from Microsoft.  Who even has that app?

  • FuzzyLogician

    Interesting… but I would rather see statistics from MS.  I have to take info from a single app with a big grain of salt.

  • TheSeph

    I’m sure they aren’t discounting the users that haven’t launched their app since Mango has been released….

  • Anonymous

    What I don’t understand is why Microsoft doesnt implement two-finger or Multi-Finger touch/swipe capabilities such as minimizing/pausing all running apps with swiping two-fingers top-down of the screen or even locking the screen for that matter, or switching back and forth between apps by swiping left to right, could up the game in phone-fight, and of course this isnt something so huge Microsoft can’t accomplish…the big question is why don’t they ?