Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” update arriving on AT&T HTC HD7S handsets on October 11

By Tom Warren, on 10th Oct 11 11:47 pm with 28 Comments

Microsoft is planning to distribute its Windows Phone 7.5 update to existing AT&T HTC HD7s devices on Tuesday, WinRumors has learned.

AT&T has signed off on its HTC HD7S testing and plans to roll out the Mango update to existing devices on Tuesday October 11. According to sources familiar with AT&T’s plans, HTC HD7S devices will begin to see update notifications on Tuesday. AT&T is still testing the Samsung Focus 1.4 devices so it’s not likely that these devices will see the Mango update on Tuesday. Here’s the internal memo sent to AT&T staff this week:

On October 11, 2011, Microsoft is scheduled to begin rolling out the new Mango 7720 update to AT&T customers with existing HTC HD7S Windows Phone 7 devices. The update supports the same enhancements that began rolling out to AT&T customers using HTC Surround, LG Quantum, and Samsung Focus devices in late September.

Important: To help ensure quality control, Microsoft is releasing the update in controlled batch quantities over several days. During the initial rollout period, the update is only available to customers once they receive a notification that an update is available on their device. The update will be available to all AT&T customers with existing HTC HD7S, HTC Surround, LG Quantum, and Samsung Focus devices after the controlled rollout has completed.

The new Microsoft Mango update for the current WP7 devices requires a two-phase installation. The update installation process includes:

• Installing Zune software to a computer.

• Connecting the device to the computer and installing the Mango update that adds new device functionality.

Note: If the Zune software has been previously installed, it does not have to be reinstalled prior to connecting the device to the computer to receive the Mango update.”

Microsoft recently revealed last week that Windows Phone 7.5 is now available for 50% of devices. The software giant started distributing its Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” update to existing devices less than two weeks ago. “Within the first hours of making it available, we saw successful updates in every country, on every carrier, and for nearly every Windows Phone model,” revealed Microsoft’s Eric Hautala in a blog post last week.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” update contains over 500 new features. The software maker has included an updated HTML5 Internet Explorer 9 browser, multitasking and built in Facebook and Windows Live Messenger support.

  • Emi Cyberschreiber

    cool news! it shows how carriers like AT&T aren’t being so idiot this time about Windows Phone 7 and taking ages to deliver their updates like happened with NoDo

    • Ef Jay

      Yes, the only carriers being stupid are ones like Verizon who do their best to kill WP7 sales. At&t is really playing the premier partner role well.

    • Martin Zugec

      Don’t forget about SFR – still no word when they are going to release it for Samsung Omnia 7…
      And what’s even worse, the force update doesn’t work :(

    • Guest

      They said today that updates have begun on SFR for Omnia 7.

  • Rfrederick_PMP

    AT&T are idiots. My son and I have been going to multiple stores to try and learn anything about WP7, but Everyone their tries to steer us away to something else! Also, the salespeople are not trained and know NOTHING about WP7.5 or the word Mango. It is no wonder that MS marketshare is so low :-(

    • jnelsoncpath

      I agree.  I have seen this same behavior in Arizona AT&T stores as well.  “You don’t want Windows Phone 7.”  I tell them I want it for business and they tell me its too buggy for that.  I got the HD7S anyway and its been nothing but great.  Microsoft should have AT&T change this.

    • cm3

      I had the same experience when buying an HD7s a couple weeks ago. The sales reps knew nothing about WP7. They tried to get me to buy a Droid. I laughed.

    • Jonas

      u r idiot, not att.  use your web browser to learn about wp7

    • jnelsoncpath

      make some sense Jonas.  I know about WP7, ATT doesnt.  What are you defending…idiot.

    • Gollery

      I had the same experience at my ATT store – the sales guy told me I didn’t want a WP and that I would be better off with an iPhone.  I went ahead anyways – and then the next weekend – I went back to the store and showed him the phone and the things my research showed would insure my WP would be the best and funnest phone to have.  Once I showed him the People Hub……he reluctantly agreed it was one “heckuva cool feature even the iPhone doesn’t do”.  Oh well….  Changing the world one person at a time… 

      regardless – i think it is criminal for sales people to speak so poorly of the WP7…how do we notify Microsoft of this sort of stuff…?

    • Buddyatn

      I have seen this too in Ardmore, OK.  We have a small ATT store and the lady who was very nice said that it wasn’t going to last and not to buy one.  It is crazy.  It is like they worship the iPhone and if you don’t want that then get android.  I don’t really like either, I want an ATT Windows phone and I am getting the HTC HD7 on Saturday in a Dallas store.

  • sirisy

    “….Microsoft is releasing the update in controlled batch quantities over several days.”

    this is annoying. I do not see Apple doing the same, eg

    • Guest

      And look how that turned out today for the iOS 5 upgrade. Oops.

  • Nc Surf

    Hope this is true, I’ve been driving myself (& my wife) crazy since the first rumored Sep release that never happened… checking online for news, or even rumors ;) every day. Then the 27th hit’s & almost every device but mine get’s it first, making me wish I hadn’t replaced my broken Focus with an HD7S cause I’d already be running Mango. Make’s sense that it would be tomorrow though, exactly 10 business days in “Scheduling” as reported by MS. If you’re reading this you’re probably in the same boat, so Good Luck to all of us!!

  • Vinay

    No updates  yet.  

  • Rick Dickert

    Thanks to Microsoft for the timely communication about the status of the Mango update for the HD7S.  Yes, I’m back in Windows land for sure – forgot how frustrating it was in the past.  As a new owner of this phone (3 days), it appears to have promise but dang, I see more “loading….” screens than I do applications.  Hopefully Mango will make this somewhat better as I do enjoy the tile concept, but pretty or not, a smartphone must perform – and as of now, this OS just can’t cut it when looking at the competition out there.  Market share is usually driven by factors like this – I guess I should have listened to my gut.

    • Vinay

      Please explain “timely communication about the status of the Mango update for the HD7S” what communication are you talking about?

    • Rick Dickert

      Referring to the only “official” communication out there at - which hasn’t been updated since 9/27, shows the HD7S in a “scheduling” phase that typically lasts “ten business days or less”.  This would set the expectation to yesterday (10/11).   It’s now 10/12, and M$ is as silent as a church mouse.

      Timely communication would be a vendor, desperately trying to penetrate the market, taking an active effort to ensure that information about a highly anticipated update would be kept up to date.  Hope that explains it for you.  If still unclear, let me know…

    • Guest

      Um, Dick, the official communication doesn’t need to be refreshed every day. Updates are being provided daily through the Windows Phone Blog. Like “no changes” from the official communication.

      Regarding the HD7S, what part of “typically” are you having trouble understanding? Obviously in this case it has taken slightly longer than is typical, assuming the updates haven’t already started a phased rollout and your number just hasn’t come up yet. There are several questions on the blog about this today. Why not give Eric the benefit of the doubt and a day to answer? Frankly, you come across as a MS hater who is just looking for something to complain about. You buy the phone 3 days ago and have already created a disqus profit and started complaining on MS new-related forums by day two? Ain’t buying it.

  • Aqui

    It’s not working. No At&t HTC HD7S mango update at 7:00 pm

  • Vinay

    Not really sure what everyone is spinning about. This rumor was clearly only a ‘rumor’. Updates have not been released. 

    • Rick Dickert

      Agreed.  Only a fool would expect Microsoft to communicate and follow through – truly, we all should know better by now.

    • Guest

      Welcome, new troll.

  • Nc Surf

    Well, the site is called winrumors, not winfacts, right?

  • Joel Stargazer

    The end of the day and no updates to my HD7S.  Sad day.

  • Dummy


  • Nc Surf

    Been looking everywhere for more concrete evidence about this rumour. Well, super stoked (insert sarcasm) to report there are now about a dozen sites you can visit talking about the update for our HD7S’s which never happened. Looks like we’re not the only one’s sucked into this rumor. Wish I wasn’t so anxious that I wasted my time looking at them all, just to find out they got suckered too.

  • Originalandsmoke

    Microsoft is hurting themselves by allowing AT&T to be their premiere carrier. I know plenty of folks on Sprint and T-Mobile that want a Windows Phone after playing with my HD7. MS, wisen up, please. I wanted that Titan but I refuse to go to AT&T to get it. Guess we both lose. :(