Windows Phone 7.5 references spotted inside Mango dev tools

By Tom Warren, on 24th May 11 10:20 pm with 3 Comments

Microsoft might be keeping quiet on the official naming of Windows Phone Mango but it hasn’t stopped the company from dropping hints.

The software giant’s latest Mango developer tools identify Internet Explorer 9 as running on Windows Phone 7.5. Microsoft’s user agent string, used to allow the phone to identify itself to websites, contains the following:

Windows Phone 7.5?

Twitter user Den Delimarsky spotted the reference whilst playing around with the latest developer tools. Microsoft refused to name its next release of Windows Phone at a VIP event in London on Tuesday. Company officials refer to the next release as Windows Phone codename Mango. It’s widely believed that Microsoft will choose to name Mango as 7.5 due to the broad number of features included in the update. WinRumors understands the company has chosen the final naming but is not yet ready to disclose this publicly.

Thanks to WinRumors reader Michael Gillet for the news tip

  • Deus

    Unless I heard it wrong, didn’t the guy mentioned codename “Mango” during this presentation?

  • Anonymous

    that UA string doesn’t seems right, IEMobile 7.0 Trident 3.1 is the current version of IE Mobile.

    The new browser should be IEMobile 9.0 Trident 5.0

    • Den Delimarsky

      If you go to a website that will show you the user agent (e.g, you will get the correct one (the 9.0 engine). The OS version included is consistent with the about:version page, though.