Windows Phone 7.5 to include SmartDJ and camera shutter sound toggle

By Tom Warren, on 17th May 11 8:57 am with 41 Comments

Windows Phone 7.5 to include SmartDJ and camera shutter sound toggle

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” update will also feature Smart DJ mixes and a camera shutter sound toggle.

The two features were revealed on Monday by the Windows Phone Dev Podcast. The features are currently present in developer emulator builds of “Mango”. Microsoft is preparing to include Zune Smart DJ mix support. The feature allows users to discover new music and works alongside Zunepass to stream music to devices. Windows Phone owners will also be able to edit and save playlists on their devices. Microsoft is also adding in an option to disable the camera shutter sound in Windows Phone.

Windows Phone 7.5 camera and Smart DJ settings

Microsoft has revealed several business related features of Windows Phone 7.5 recently and a number of consumer features have leaked too. Here’s what’s planned for Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango”:

  • Grannyville7989

    Does anyone think that silent mode needs to be fixed? Whenever it put my phone into slient mode, it silents the ringer but all of the sounds from other applications, camera, games, Xbox LIVE, still make sounds. I would like it if when I hit the silent mode, it mutes ALL sounds apart from my alarms. 

    • Martin Zugec

      Well, it’s not silent mode, it’s vibrate mode… To put it to the silent mode, simply decrease the volume to the zero – at least that’s what I am doing. It’s not too comfortable, but it works 

  • Anonymous

    At this point I’m really feeling like the “beta tester” that many people claimed to be when WP7 first launched, but not in a negative way! I’m genuinely excited for the TON of new features we’re getting!

    It’ll be like getting a brand new phone! I just hope 7.5 runs just as smoothly on WP7 launch devices as it does on any new hardware that hits this holiday.

  • Vj

     Tom, you should include 1) better marketplace search 2) search extras 3) search for apps & improved app list navigation

    • Tom W

      1) better marketplace search was included with NoDo right?
      2) search extras?
      3) search for apps and improve app list – true will add this :)

    • Koki_v3

      Search extras, you search for something using Bing, navigate to the Extras and there’ll be deep in-app links directing you to exactly what you searched for. Searching for a movie for example will show IMDb app and opening it will open the app and the movie’s page. It was shown off at MIX.

    • Misak Ghazaryan

      Vj means when you search for movies on bing, you can directly access related apps like imdb for more information 

    • Tom W

      Ah yes got it, that was announced at MIX11. Added in :) Thanks

  • Anonymous

     Why are the media playback controls placed at the top of the screen?

    • Carl

      The media playback controls appear at the first touch of the volume control (no volume change – just playback controls slide down.)  After use, they slide back up and out of the way.

    • Anonymous

       Ok, thanks for making this clear. I personally have a Windows Phone device, but on first sight it looked to me like the zune playback controls where moved up top of the screen, rather then beneath the album cover and upcoming track list… (srr 4 bad english)

  • Guest

    Considering they made the whole WP7 OS in about 18 months (AFAIK), in another ~12 they should be able to add a significant number extra of features.

  • Stark

    Wow. Looks like my next phone is going to be a Nokia WP. I just hope they will add sound profiles. BlackBerry owners know what I’m talking about.

  • Martin Zugec

    Hi Tom, you are missing one feature – ability to connect to wifi networks with hidden SSIDs. Especially useful for students and enterprises, I don’t know how many times I knew there is a wifi but couldn’t connect to it

    • Carl

      Yes, Tom, absolutely add Hidden Wifi (SSID) support! This is a deal-killer for folks needing to connect to hidden hot-spots. 

  • Misak Ghazaryan

    id love to have the smart dj but as i live in australia and we dont have it on the zune desktop software im doubtful ill get it :(
    that also goes for some other features like local search, voice search and zune pass anything im missing? i hoope we get all that resolved in the next update :)

  • Marc Alberts

    On the Zune Pass, any mention of being able to actually do the subscriber downloads of entire albums?  Right now, I have a Zune Pass and on my desktop any album that is available I can download and sync to my phone, but if I try to add one from the phone itself I am forced to purchase the album. 

    • Miakdo_Wu

       Marc, I just held down the Album Name “Licensed to Ill” it showed me the the options of share, buy, and downlaod.  I clicked Download and done…..  All the music is synced to the phone. 

      Your post made me curious, so i had to try.

    • J Lancaster

      i had this gripe too, then after nodo i noticed i could download straight to phone like on the zune hd.  Only downloads over wifi, so if you’re on 3g it will be cued up. 

    • J Lancaster

      i had this gripe too, then after nodo i noticed i could download straight to phone like on the zune hd.  Only downloads over wifi, so if you’re on 3g it will be cued up. 

    • Matthew Beadle

      I have always been able to do this just like @yahoo-6G3ZZJCHOLYP3S5CRCIHQ7WDSE:disqus said. You can also download music over 3G. At least I can on T-Mobile UK.

    • MVIM

      This has always been possible (since 7004, anyway). When the album info loads, hold-tap on the album cover and the options available should read: add to now playing, buy, download, and share.

  • JeepGuy

    Has there been ANY mention of the bluetooth issues?  Or fixes coming in Mango?  Im starting to feel like a broken record… but I actually switch to my old Samsung Eternity for when Im driving and know Ill need to use the phone.  The WP is THAT BAD for me.  I cant believe MS hasnt addressed this, or even really acknowledged it.  Ah well…hopefully its fixed.  Nokia here I come! 

    • J Lancaster

      What bluetooth issue?  For real, i don’t know what you mean.  Works fine for me. 

    • Ondra Moravek

      Playing videos with bluetooth headset makes the sound output go from main repro, rather BT headphones. Just an example.
      And they should add support for BT HID keyboards. 

    • Anonymous

      There was a bluetooth audio fix in NoDo.  Is this related? 

    • JeepGuy

      My issues arent related to streaming audio…  My issues are only related to phone calls over the bluetooth connection.  I have MAJOR audio issues and inconsistencies.  The volume of my caller goes in and out.  It goes from being ear splitting loud, to inaudiable.  If I use my old Samsung Eternity…no problems, crystal clear.

      Surprised you havent heard of it… there is a HUGE thread over on the microsoft forums with 100s of people posting about the issues they are having.  They have a list going with all of the issues.  Some have connection problems, lots have the audio issues.  Factory OEM bluetooth, aftermarket units ( like mine), and even ear pieces. 

      NoDo did nothing to solve my problem.  Im also annoyed at how you cant tell it what sounds you want transmitted.  I dont need key entries, typing sounds, camera sounds, incoming text sounds etc played over my bluetooth connection. 

      Like I said…I end up using my old phone in the car because I get buisness calls while driving sometimes, and even for the brief calls, I find myself saying “Please repeat that”…and apologizing 100 times for not understanding the caller.  I drive in Philly a lot, so handsfree is not only needed, but the only way to stay legal.  haha. 

      Otherwise… I LOVE THIS PHONE…and Mango is looking fan-friggin-tastic!


    • Martin Zugec

      Hmmmm, I cannot repro that… For me it works without any issue (WinPhone Samsung Omnia 7 with NoDo and Renault Fluence) 

    • MVIM

       Agreed. I’d also like to be able to leave Bluetooth on with discovery disabled.

    • Anonymous

      Discovery turns off when you leave the Bluetooth settings page.

  • J Lancaster

    I want to be able to buy music and movies using my ms points from the phone.  I also want movie rentals and downloads on the phone.  Netflix can stream why can’t zune marketplace.  What would be awesome is you buy a movie on your phone, then turn on the xbox and there it is to watch.  This can pretty much already be done, but buying a movie from the phone isn’t.  MS could have a service simliar to what google and amazon are doing with music, but with video.

  • J Lancaster

    Also, why can’t you use  MS tag to put in ms points from your phone.  you can go to a website from your windows phone and enter your codes, but this should be easier.  Ok i’m done.  I’m looking forward to what Mango brings to the OS, and also what developers are able to put out because of mango. 

  • Gray Race

     Still waiting for Bing Maps to get metro support for SF, Chicago, New York…. ect. 

  • Anonymous

    Abotu hidden networks, will I be able to connect to Cisco EAP-Fast hidden networks?   

  • Eric

    How about internet explorer 9 and all the new API access?

  • McAkins Online

    I am excited and depressed at the same time. Bummer, 95% of these features will be US Only. ‘Cmon MS, if Apples owns US Market, why not do your best to own the World! There are 6.5Billion of us out there, we’ll eat US market for candy! Throw us some bone, will you?! 

  • Syrious

    wow, so the release date for all these updates is scheduled for May 24th? Can anyone confirm that all carriers will make the update available upon release?

    I’d hate to have another AT&T fiasco on our hands. 

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait for this release!  I love my Samsumg Focus and this is simply going to make it even better! 

  • Mikee

    Can’t wait for this update.  WP7 ftw. 

  • Robert Allen

    Bing is pretty unusable in Ireland as Bing is not launched here. So the more features like turn by turn that rely on bing that are in the phone, the worse the experience gets for us. The search button is the greatest waste in this region.

  • 123

    What about Right-to-Left language support (Arabic/Farsi/…)?