Windows Phone 7.5 update now available for Dell Venue Pro owners

By Tom Warren, on 30th Nov 11 11:44 pm with 25 Comments

Dell Venue Pro

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that it is now delivering the Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” update for Dell Venue Pro owners.

The software giant has started to deliver the Windows Phone 7.5 update to AT&T Dell Venue Pro owners.”If you (or friends or family members) haven’t installed the update yet, now’s the perfect time,” said Microsoft’s Eric Hautala, in a blog post on Wednesday. Microsoft revealed in late October that it is delivering Windows Phone 7.5 to 100% of eligible devices. Microsoft is also continuing to issue firmware specific updates to existing devices. “We’re also continuing to deliver occasional firmware updates to specific Windows Phone models and carriers around the world,” said Hautala. “Firmware updates are designed to improve your phone’s performance. If one is available for your phone, you’ll see an update notification pop up.”

Microsoft is also distributing the Windows Phone 7740 update to some existing devices. The new Windows Phone 7740 build update brings the operating system version up to 7.10.7740.16 and appears to be available for a variety of devices. Build 7740 addresses some issues with Microsoft Exchange 2003 and a voicemail notification problem:

  • Fixes an email issue related to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. With this fix, when you reply to or forward a message, the original message is now included in your response.
  • Fixes a voicemail notification issue

Vodafone, Orange and Deutsche Telekom customers in Europe have started to receive the update already. The Windows Phone service release, called 7740, addresses an important issue with new voice mail notifications not appearing for customers on some European and Asian networks. The usual Windows Phone 7.5 firmware updates are also rolling out to select devices. Nokia is pushing its 7740 update in the coming days to address a battery problem with the Lumia 800 after it fully discharges. Nokia is also planning a second update to improve battery issues in early 2012.. A range of other firmware updates are also available for HTC devices. The HTC Mozart and HD7 both received updates recently to enable the Internet Sharing feature of Windows Phone 7.5.

  • AlienSix

    Well happy Mango Day DVP Owners 

  • Anonymous

    This late? Dell must really not give a crap about it.  It’s a shame because I thought the DVP was one of the more unique looking windows phones.

    • Arn

      That’s due to the carrier not Dell, I have a unlocked venue pro and got mango right after release. Today I even received the 7740 update. Phone works brilliant and looks awesome!

  • Entegy

    Dell bowed out of the WP7 business, but I guess they had to be dragged kicking and screaming back to support their current devices. Sad that it took this long for them to get Mango. Are all devices in the world now eligible for Mango?

    Also, will North America get 7740? I got an update that enabled connecting to hidden networks for my Rogers Samsung Focus, but I would like the fixes and tethering.

    • Anonymous

      This update is specific to ATT Venue Pros.  Venue Pros on T-Mobile’s network got Mango back in September if I remember correctly.

    • Entegy

       Yes I know, I was commenting on how long it took for Mango to come out and my second paragraph was in regards to the third paragraph of the story.

    • Kazimieras

      I have a DVP and was able to “glitch” zune into upgrading once it was first released to the public. It works great on it, only issue is the ecompass not working properly, which is a bit of a dissapointment. Sad since the device is a really good device, but Dell dropped the ball on it.

  • OctalMan

    That’s actually not a bad looking phone.

    • Anonymous

      I was actually seconds away from getting one before I heard about the penny sales and got a titan. Really hope they surprise us with a dual core version with similar design after tango/apollo but who am I kidding. Maybe the recent increased sales will bring dell back.

    • Jairo Luciano Alves

      Not at all! :)  seems a nice stylish device to me.

  • Temp

    I got notification for update on My Samsung Focus running 7720 to update to 7740 It was surprise for me as I connected my phone to my laptop to sync with Zune.

    • Robert Wade

      U.S. or Canada?

  • Anonymous

    Thats absolutely pathetic that it took ATT this long to get that update out.  I have a Venue Pro with T-Mobile and I got Mango within a week of Mango’s release.   I sure as hell hope ATT doesn’t gobble up TMo because there definitely won’t be any benefit for me.

    • Robert Wade

      Oh, please.  There’s, like, 10 T-Mobile customers compared to AT&T’s millions.  Of COURSE T-Mobile got it out quicker.  Duh.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not at all sure how ATT’s customer count has anything to do with why it took them this long to prepare the Venue Pro to run on their network with the Mango update.  Care to educate me?  ;-)

    • Anonymous

      In other words AT&T had greater financial incentive actually support their phones and…. still took longer. 

      Goes to show T-Mobile’s commitment to actually updating their products. 

  • Jim Cherry

    Man i’m glad my dvp is with tmo life would have sucked if i was stuck waiting almost 2 months for an update i know works on my phone. On second thought i would have probably found a way to force the update on.

  • Anonymous

    I am one of the T-Mobile owners of a Dell Venue Pro. I’ve been enjoying Mango for months.

  • CircuitSoft

    dell should make a new phone with the same concept. this phone looks great.

  • Kieran Kelly

    I have already received the 7740 update on my nokia lumia O2 UK

    • Touré HENRY

      Same here… On Orange France

  • Anonymous

    Like the marines… No phone left behind! WP7 FTW!

  • Sales Manager

    DVP is a nice phone but it dell went amazing on some of the specs and cheap on others. Like no wifi hot spotting because the chip is a lower grade. Then the 8gb models wrote to the same memory block over wifi so if you downloaded over wifi it would sometimes lock up. they no longer sell the 8gb. It is sad they are not producing more phones. with the DVP they should have gone balls out and released it everywhere at carriers. it could have captured some of the blackberry users

  • Hihi2u2

    Writing on a dell venue pro, the lag of support is legendary, my phone was bricked and since the phone been released, they only just found a way to bootload an image on the device yesterday. Before yesterday, if you bricked your device by mistake you would have had a paper weight.

    The device is nice i have to say but shedding a few weights would make the phone more amazing and get the dam compass working and the tether as well :D

  • Solly

    I picked this phone with mango version last week.  The phone is good.
    But, the Mango OS is a huge let down. Does not have a fundamental sync function. Mango is more suitable for Kids who live on facebook, music and entertainment -