Windows Phone 7 App Hub submissions now open to all Windows Phone Marketplace developers

By Tom Warren, on 4th Nov 10 8:46 pm with Comments Off

Microsoft said on Thursday that its Windows Phone 7 application submission process is now open to all developers.

In an email to Windows Phone Marketplace Developers the software giant requests that app owners submit their apps and games to the Marketplace. “The biggest change with App Hub is that with your existing annual subscription you can now submit apps and games for both the Windows Phone Marketplace and the Xbox LIVE Marketplace” notes the email.

Microsoft’s first round of early access developers will now be joined by thousands of new applications. Microsoft revealed it had 777 applications in the Marketplace on launch day (October 21). The software giant has since been approving a large number of applications and it’s likely that 2,000 applications will be available on or shortly after the U.S. launch on November 8. The 1,000 milestone was reached on October 25.

Microsoft says that applications take between three and five business days for approval. Once the application is certified and approved it will appear published in the Marketplace. Developers interested in creating Windows Phone 7 applications can sign up for $99 at Microsoft’s App Hub on MSDN.

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