Windows Phone 7 backup and restore coming for first update

By Tom Warren, on 16th Jan 11 10:52 am with 10 Comments

Microsoft has confirmed that it is planning to implement full backup and restore functionality with Windows Phone 7 for its first platform update.

Matt Akers, program manager on the Zune software client team, confirmed the introduction of backup and restore functions in a recent Windows Phone Radio podcast. Speaking on the podcast, spotted by WMPoweruser, Akers explained that Microsoft will introduce a full backup of Windows Phone 7 devices prior to an update being applied. Microsoft’s previous platform, Windows Mobile 6.5, required a full wipe of the system and did not offer any backup services. Windows Phone 7 will take a different stance and ensure all data is kept on the phone post update.

All settings and data is backed up and Akers explains: “any time that we prepare to do an update, which you guys will see soon, we will make a backup of your phone. The entire phone, everything on it.” Akers confirms that if something were to go wrong with the update then Microsoft can easily roll users back to a perfect state. After the update all settings and data will remain intact thanks to the backup and restore process. To hear the full details on the Windows Phone 7 backup/restore functionality, watch the video below. Although the backup/restore function appears to be for only updates, one would hope Microsoft extends this in future.

Microsoft is planning to release a Windows Phone 7 OS update in early 2011. Microsoft is officially saying that the update is due in early 2011 but WinRumors understands the software giant is closing to RTMing the first update, codenamed “NoDo”. Windows Phone 7 is a key part of Microsoft’s long term mobile strategy and we expect the software giant to detail a second bigger update in February at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, Spain. Microsoft’s second update will introduce enhanced developer controls for applications and updated Silverlight components.

Microsoft has also promised performance enhancements for its first update. Microsoft officially detailed its intentions for the first Windows Phone 7 update at CES 2011 last week. The company is planning to address missing copy and paste functionality, better marketplace search and improved performance for applications and games. WinRumors sat down with Greg Sullivan of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 team to talk mobile at CES. Sullivan explained that the first update will simply improve application start-up and resume times. Microsoft has been teasing build 7.0.7353.0 of Windows Phone 7 at CES to show off some of the performance improvements (see video). Microsoft is expected to release the update in early February to existing devices.

  • GP007

    They should release it before Feb IMO. The sooner the better, they’re not moving as fast as they should. Google is already talking about v2.4 and Apple seeded iOS 4.3 as well, seriously just release something before January ends.

    • Anonymous

      Really? February is too late? WP7 has only been available on phones for 3 months (just over 3 by the time the update arrives). Personally that’s pretty good to be added new functionality and fixes for a phone OS, anything more often than that and I’d figure the OS was in really bad shape that required that many updates.

    • GP007

      If we were talking about the bigger mango update that should add lots of stuff then I’d so no, it’s not too late. But NoDo just adds C/P from what we’ve been told (unless they surprise with a few other features), by the looks of it, it’s small so it could’ve juast as well been out in 2 months time even.

      I’m not saying the OS is bad, I’m just saying there’s no need to wait 4-6 months and try to release some mega-update when you really don’t need to. Lots of smaller updates spread out threw the year give out a better sign to buyers and those who have one already. A small update every 2 months for example that adds/fixes 4 or 5 things keeps WP7 in the news and also keeps it looking fresh in the eyes of possible smartphone shoppers.

    • Tom W

      It was due before February but carrier testing always delays things. We’ll be at Mobile World Congress in February to update everyone on the very latest Windows Phone 7 info :)

  • Troy Schuster

    @GP007 I agree, however MS no doubt wants to get their first update done and dusted without hassle. IMHO MS will then start rolling out updates faster as time goes on. Copy and Paste, and now backup and restore – it’s all looking very promising…

    • GP007

      Ya, and that’s fine if they do pick it up after this, really there is no reason to get updates every 6 or so months, it should be shorter even if the updates have to end up being smaller in scale.

  • mackenziepricee

    I have had to restart my phone to many times. This is a very welcome update.

  • Thomas Hounsell

    MyPhone worked as a good enough backup for me on WM 6.5. Anything too large to go on there was on my SD card though, and that isn’t really an option for me today on my Omnia 7.

  • Johnny Westlake

    I think you’re missreading this slightly – they’re not introducing any from of Backup & Restore functionality users can use – it’s something already built automatically into the update system.

    It’ll back you up automatically backup before an upgrade, just in case. It isn’t a feature that a user can take advantage of whenever they want.

    • Tom W

      True it’s not a feature that users can currently take advantage of but there’s hope yet for that.