Windows Phone 7 hits 15,000 applications on its six month birthday

By Tom Warren, on 26th Apr 11 1:09 pm with 20 Comments

Windows Phone Marketplace

Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace has now reached 15,000 applications.

Marketplace trackers is currently tracking 15,054 apps in the U.S. Marketplace. WP7applist is tracking 14,895 applications and explains 957 of them are inactive, 39% are available for free and the average price is $1.73 per paid application. Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace is growing at an impressive rate. The software giant added 3,000 applications in April alone after reaching its 12,000 milestone in late March. WP7applist says that 155 apps are updated on average each day. In the last 24 hours, 75 apps were updated and 81 were added.

Luigi Violin, who founded WP7applist, says he expects the Marketplace to reach 30,000 applications in time for its birthday in October. “If I had to make an exact average of daily new releases, the Marketplace should hit 25K in the first days of October, but as the trend is slightly increasing I’d guess we’ll be well over 30K,” he said in an email statement to WinRumors. “It’s still growing at a nice rate, and even at a noticeable increasing rate lately so it really looks in full shape,” he added.

Windows Phone 7 launched on October 26 with 1,000 applications available. Six months later and the platform has increased impressively. Microsoft appears to be building up a good momentum amongst application developers. Microsoft says it now has over 32,000 Windows Phone application developers, who deliver an average of 100 new apps per day. The Windows Phone Developer Tools have now been downloaded more than one million times.

Despite delays with its first platform update, “NoDo”, developers have a lot to look forward to this year. Microsoft’s new Nokia partnership is a great opportunity for new and existing developers as more and more consumers take advantage of Windows Phone. Nokia said recently that it plans to ship Windows Phone branded devices to developers when they are available later this year. Nokia is currently engineering Windows Phone devices and is expected to wait for “Mango”, the next version of Windows Phone, until it unveils them later this year. “Mango”, the codename for what will likely be named Windows Phone 7.5, is currently in the early beta stages at Microsoft. The software giant revealed a number of new features in February that will ship as part of its Windows Phone point release later this year. Nokia is reportedly waiting for multitasking, IE9 mobile and others before it releases its first Windows Phone device.

Microsoft has also promised further developer related platform announcements during May. WinRumors understands that the company plans to share a future roadmap for Windows Phone a special developers day on May 25 in London. Microsoft is describing the event as a peek at the future and what lies ahead for Windows Phone. “As well as new capabilities, we’ll examine any changes to the tools and SDK and explore what opportunities these might create,” says Microsoft. “At this stage we’re unable to elaborate any further but expect it to be a day packed-full of inspiring information.”

Microsoft has officially confirmed that Angry Birds will be available for Windows Phone in Spring. The software giant also confirmed that five other popular games will make their way to Windows Phone in Spring, including Plants vs Zombies and Doodlejump.

  • Manish

    How many phones are sold?

    • Girlish

      ask Microsoft on WP7′s 1st birthday.

      I too, want to know how the new phone os with an untested UI (metro), that has been predicted to be DOA, with no apps backwards compatibility (WM6), from a company that is always bashed for any reasons anyone can think of (consumer confidence/product image), in a market that is dominated by a plethora of Android phones and iPhones and Blackberries and Nokias, have faired over its first year.

    • Anonymous

      Not sure what you meant by “untested” UI. But a majority of WP’s UI elements existed on the ZuneHD for years before they made it to Windows Phone. In fact, some people have speculated that the ZuneHD existed for the primary purpose of being a test bed for the UI.

    • Anonymous

      Not sure what you meant by “untested” UI. But a majority of WP’s UI elements existed on the ZuneHD for years before they made it to Windows Phone. In fact, some people have speculated that the ZuneHD existed for the primary purpose of being a test bed for the UI.

    • Girlish

      I’m sorry, I didn’t know Tiles (and the other non-music/video-related UI) was in ZuneHD.
      Then again, it’s quite hard to get a Zune outside of the states.

      If it makes you happy, I’ll amend what I wrote:

      “…with a relatively untested UI (metro)…”

      You don’t see the Metro UI on many (if any) popular devices before WP7 joined the party.

  • GP007

    This is only going go grow faster once Mango hits and devs can really start to mess around with more APIs.

  • Loren W

    I sold my WP7 Samsung Omnia 7 (i8700),
    I think when mango WP7.5 is out the hardware spec will also change for the phones, partly due to mango, partly due to technology CPU / dual core technology. Until then WP7 is dead to me (perhaps beyond) as the same time mango is out it is possible that ice cream for android and the iphone 5 will both launch creating a 3 ways mobile cat fight for the first time. Meow, meow, scratch scratch, google might be the winner.

    • brian L

      The minimum hardware spec is going down in mango. Though I imagine they’ll be some higher speced phones too. In saying that, I’ve never heard anyone with a wp7 claim they had performance problems. Though I’ve not yet seen an android phone that didn;t have a laggy UI despite being very high spec and dual core.

    • Larry

      Loren W please explain how “WP7 is dead to” you???? I get it if it did not work for some reason but what exactly was that?

      Personally I had a iPhone 3G, killed by the iOS 4.x updates in terms of usability. I got a Focus in Feb of this year and I could not be happier. I recently go the NoDo update but to be honest I never really used copy and paste on my iPhone (after it finally got it) and I dont now.

  • captn3x

    I finally got to play with my brothers windows phone (LG Quantum) when our family got together for easter. I will say I am VERY interested. It is way more responsive and smoth than my DROID, the xbox interaction is impresive, and he claims to not have restarted it for months. I may be switching to WP7 when the new wave of phones with gyroscopes (mango) hit the market and Verizon. I love Android but they need to do something about their stability. I’m sick of force closes, lock up’s, failed reboots, and home screen redraw lag.

  • Anonymous

    It would be nice when more “big name” apps come to the platform, by the look of things a lot of developers are waiting for mango before they do that.

    Thats not to say there arent some great apps already available. I removed all crappy apps like fart apps, coin flip apps etc from my phone over the weekend and I still have ~30 apps installed (plus about 90 games)

  • Boogie_Man

    Congrats Windows! I’m just waiting til’ T-MO comes out with a Samsung WP. Sorry, but I don’t like HTC…., but I’d gladly take the Mozart (WTF happened to that coming to T-MO U.S.A?)
    For now, I’m stuck with my Nexus S. Come on… RELEASE NEW Windows phones… especially on T-MO!!!!

    patiently waiting!

  • Boogie_Man

    I have a question for WP7 users….

    Like I stated yesterday. I tried the HTC HD7 and was impressed. But, that 4.3″ was too big for me.
    Anyhow… How is the battery life on a WP?
    I love music, and the music player is AMAZING! Also, is the MAPS/GPS any good compared to Google Maps?
    As for apps… honestly, I could care less about apps. As long as Netflix (which my Nexus S doesn’t have) is on board… i’m good.


    • Tim

      The battery on my Samsung Focus lasts longer than the battery on my iPhone 4 did. Usage patterns are similar for me with the two devices. Not sure what would happen if i played a lot of music or watched a lot of videos (I did neither on either device).

  • Nelson Ocampo

    I believe that a lot of new APIs will be made available to devs in May. So we may see a wider variety of apps soon, before Mango.

    • brian L

      the APIs will be available for developers to test apps with, but there won’t be any new apps available using those APIs until mango lands.

  • oolong2

    To be honest I expected at least 3-4 times that based on the tools, SDK, downloads, etc.

    When Nokia gets in the game at the end of this year apps should start ramping up based on international developer interest.

  • Rajashekaran


    WP7 is here to stay and its only going to get better. So what we Skype smoking when they ignored WP7.

    Also MS, there is the SMALL issue of marketplace not being available here in India. it was open for a couple of days and it went missing again.

  • Avatar X

    I reached the conclusion of 25k apps for WP7 weeks ago and i sustain it. 25k apps in year 1 and 75k app for year 2 is possible.

  • sreenu bojja

    Marketplace reached 15000 app milestone!!! Brief analysis on what’s in marketplace