Windows Phone 7 hits first milestone – 1000 applications

By Tom Warren, on 26th Oct 10 9:39 am with Comments Off

Windows Phone 7 has reached its first major milestone, achieving 1,000 listed applications in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Microsoft revealed it had 777 applications in the Marketplace on launch day (October 21). The software giant has since been approving a large number of applications and I fully expect them to reach 2,000 applications on or shortly after the U.S. launch on November 8. The 1,000 milestone was reached on October 25.

The number of applications proves that Microsoft is building up good momentum with Windows Phone developers. Google’s Android Market recently celebrated the 100,000 app milestone. Apple’s App Store contains over 300,000 applications. Microsoft has stated previously that they are not aiming for quantity but more quality.

Microsoft is planning to attend a Sprint Developer Conference today where it’s speculated plans for a CDMA Windows Phone 7 device could be hinted at. Microsoft is scheduled to launch Windows Phone 7 in the U.S. on November 8 with devices available from GSM carriers AT&T and T-Mobile.