Windows Phone 7 “NoDo” update carrier push starts Tuesday March 29 (Wave 1)

By Tom Warren, on 28th Mar 11 4:09 pm with 37 Comments

Microsoft’s first round of carrier Windows Phone “NoDo” update pushes starts on March 29, but is your device on the list?

WinRumors has learned that Microsoft is planning to push its Windows Phone 7 March 2011 (“NoDo”) update to the following carriers tomorrow:

  • Telus – Canada
  • Orange – United Kingdom

Other carriers will also be included in the first Wave of carrier pushes but WinRumors is unable to confirm the full list at the time of writing. O2 and Vodafone are both expected to be included in Wave 2 which begins on April 5. Windows Phone 7 owners in the U.S. may have to wait weeks until AT&T has completed its “NoDo” testing. A company spokesperson refused to confirm when the update will become available for its range of devices. “We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the delay of Windows Mobile 7. AT&T will make this update available once it has achieved technical acceptance in our labs. Unfortunately, we do not have a date for when an AT&T-approved update will be available.”

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, Director of the Windows Phone program, explained the Windows Phone “NoDo” update delays in a video on Friday. The explanation followed fierce criticism from Windows Phone 7 owners after Microsoft started distributing its much delayed “NoDo” update last week. The company has started pushing the copy and paste update to unbranded devices in Europe and is scheduling carrier devices for a number of update “Waves”. A few European carriers have confirmed that the update will be available in the next couple of weeks, some claiming that Microsoft is to blame for the delays.

  • Matthew Beadle

    Any News on T-Mobile UK??

    • Tom W

      T-Mobile is still testing both updates.

    • sarkis chamelian

      Out of interest, when they say testing, what exactly are they testing ? Copy and Paste is on the device, performance increase is on the phone etc. Is there something else which they are not letting us know ?

    • GP007

      Well the thinking is that they’re testing any updates they’ve added to it on their end, like for their own apps. OEM testing looks for any hardware problems and in some cases you also get a update to the hardware firmware like what HTC did for their phones as well. Other than that just network testing but that really shouldn’t take long since the update doesn’t change networking etc. Go figure.

    • am

      T-Mobile dont have a sinlge app on there phones, so there testing should be very short, not thats not the case

    • Luke Smith

      I have an unlocked HTC 7 Pro purchased carrier free, using the T-Mobile UK network. Am i at the mercy of T-Mobile (incl. getting the updates with their modifications)? Or should I be receiving the updates without carrier issues?

    • am

      Can we ask what exactly are they testing, its been months now, or they just dont care about the users – they are the only one in UK still testing

  • Brandon

    bah. for internationals of course – stupid US.

  • Anonymous

    Weeks for AT&T to do testing!?!?!? I only use AT&T because that’s where my ocmpany’s account is. Otherwise I would be shopping around.

  • GP007

    Good to know, I figured most people should get NoDo before MS’s MiX event. Only time will tell if this holds true.

  • Mark Papermaster

    On Orange in the UK with an LG E900. Very welcome news!

  • Yamishi

    I saw “Canada” and my eyes lit up — then I saw Telus and I felt crushed. :( I’m on Rogers, in Canada, with a Samsung Focus.

    I got the quote-unquote February Update in March. Am I going to get the March Update in April? Why would Microsoft name the updates after the month they were supposed to come out in, only to delay them?


    • Scott Knight

      Same here sadly. Although the Focus is better than what Telus has.

  • Gabriel

    On Telus with the HTC Surround!! :D Very welcome news for sure.

  • Richard Lee

    How about T-Mobile U.S.? Will that be coming this week since T-Mobile has already signed off on it?

    • Frazell Thomas

      I assume T-Mobile US will be released this week. I’m not sure why Tom said the US will have to wait for AT&T. He gave the impression that T-Mobile’s update is somehow pegged to AT&T.

      I think Tom meant the AT&T Users in the US will have to wait a while for this update.

  • Anthony Grisdale

    On Orange in the UK, have both a Mozart and Omnia 7. Good news hopefully, after all Orange was one of the premier launch partners for WP7 outside the US. Receiving is believing!

    • matthew hall

      As Orange and T-Mobile in the UK are in cahoots these days under the company Everything Everywhere or something , are they testing as separate entities i wonder? Thye can both use each others network so surely if it one half of the conglomerate can pass the updates surely the other can get off its arse and sort it out!

    • Anonymous

      You’d think. Sad fact is, they are still 2 operating companies. T-Mobile have been dreadful around WinMo 7. I’m so very glad I cancelled my orders with them, and ended up on VodaFone. I like O2, but they weren’t great with launch info, but I’d take them over T and Orange any day.

  • Tom Servo

    Naturally, I’m in the second wave. Fucking ace.

    Why can’t they just open the floodgates? I figure with carrier sign-off and no apparent problems during the trickle updating of unbranded debives, there’d be no reason to tiptoe around anymore.

  • Kane

    Any word on Three UK?

    • Anonymous

      3 have approved the update. It will be soon in one of the “waves”.

    • Kane

      Thanks for the info. :)

  • Anonymous

    The fact that those a-holes at AT&T called it “Windows Mobile 7″ should say it all. F’ING JERKS!!!!!

    • Red

      I was thinking the same thing! Like they don’t even know what product they are selling… f*cking idiots…

  • vashibhavin

    This confuses me even further. I appreciate that MS has been so forthcoming about the whole update process, but I thought T-Mo had already signed off the update. Its frustrating but I am still waiting!

  • Ron

    Received the No Do update last thursday on my SIM lock free Samsung Omnia. Installed without any problems and delivers on its promise.

  • captain_caveman2k

    I received a voicemail from Orange UK Customer Services this morning, as I emailed them last week regarding the availability of both the February and March updates.

    Unfortunately, the representative told me that “Information is scarce at the moment and that I should try contacting the manufacturer (LG)”. It is good news if this article is correct, however, I will believe the update when I see it ;-)

    • Anonymous

      I don’t understand why there is such a chasm of a knowledge gap between those working in call centres, and the techie in the backoffice somewhere running through “tests”. Why don’t they feed this information to the front office.
      T-Mobile UK are particularly poor at this, and I cancelled my order with them. I would not advise using them _or_ Orange. I tweeted VodaFoneUK this week, and within 24 hours they got back to me and told me they had approved the update. The callcentre folks there actually went and asked the correct people. So, if you’re considering a Windows Phone 7 in the UK, I’d definitely advocate VodaFone. (O2 were pretty much up to speed as well. You can also see that O2 and VodaFone approved the NoDo before Orange and T-Mobile are still testing).

    • captain_caveman2k

      I received another call from Orange today, presumably because I didn’t take the call yesterday. Again I was unable to take the call so, this time a different representative left me a voicemail. Again telling me to contract LG – even giving me their contact telephone number: 01480 482896 for anyone that wants to call them.

      However, as it is the 29th today and Orange UK are part of Wave 1 I thought I would plug my Optimus 7 into my PC tonight. To my suprise the Zune software told me there was an update available. Fantastic I thought, only to be told that it was the February 2011 update :(

      So 5 weeks after release I finally get v7.0.7008, but guess what there’s still no nodo. I’m even more peed off now that before I updated !!!

    • Benmillsuk

      If you scan for updates after it will give you nodo update.

  • Jiihaa

    I have carrier unlocked Omnia, and no luck yet. Lack of ability to get the update is extremely annoying, when you know that others are getting it already with the same phone and setup. Hopefully Mango won’t be like this as well – users should have their choice when they want to update it

  • Syrious1ne

    have an HD7 that was purchased in HK AT&T, with the update ready – my question is should I update? the phone’s GPS thinks it’s in HK still

  • Anonymous

    I bought an (as far as I know unbranded) Omnia 7 here in Belgium. Anyone call tell me if I have to wait much longer for NoDo to come on my phone?

  • Anthony Grisdale

    Just received the ‘February’ update on my Orange UK Omnia 7 – applied it and it now says 7008 rather than 7004 but doesn’t have NoDo so guess this is the pre NoDo update. Also I noted all the fimware and hardware revision numbers and non of these have incremented. Oh Well maybe the actual NoDo update will arrive soon?

  • Justin C.

    BTW I can confirm that the HD7 from T-mo in the USA is receiving the update today. I just got the February completed and its now working on the March… which seems to be taking for ever!!!

  • sisi

    will they come out with an update for wp7 so u can make your own ringtones