Windows Phone 7 “NoDo” update pushed out to first Wave of carrier devices

By Tom Warren, on 29th Mar 11 8:49 pm with 18 Comments

Windows Phone 7 March 2011 update

Microsoft kickstarted its Wave 1 of carrier Windows Phone 7 March 2011 updates on Tuesday.

The software giant started distributing both the February and March 2011 Windows Phone updates to devices on Orange and T-Mobile USA. HTC HD7 owners on T-Mobile began reporting that they had received the February 2011 update before seeing March 2011 notifications shortly afterwards. Orange UK devices have also started to receive both sets of updates, just as WinRumors promised.

The full list of pushes in Wave 1:

  • Orange UK devices
  • T-Mobile HTC HD7
  • Dell Venue Pro
  • Three UK devices

O2 and Vodafone are both expected to be included in Wave 2 which begins on April 5. Windows Phone 7 owners in the U.S. may have to wait weeks until AT&T has completed its “NoDo” testing. A company spokesperson refused to confirm when the update will become available for its range of devices. “We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the delay of Windows Mobile 7. AT&T will make this update available once it has achieved technical acceptance in our labs. Unfortunately, we do not have a date for when an AT&T-approved update will be available.”

Despite AT&T’s testing delays, some Windows Phone 7 owners (WinRumors included) have been able to force the NoDo update onto their devices. The method involves a registry key change and some tinkering to make the phone appear as if it’s located in Europe. The method has been confirmed to work on a variety of devices, including AT&T’s popular Samsung Focus device. If you’re interested in seeing how NoDo runs on the Samsung Focus then check out our video overview here.

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, Director of the Windows Phone program, explained the Windows Phone “NoDo” update delays in a video on Friday. The explanation followed fierce criticism from Windows Phone 7 owners after Microsoft started distributing its much delayed “NoDo” update last week. The company has started pushing the copy and paste update to unbranded devices in Europe and is scheduling carrier devices for a number of update “Waves”. A few European carriers have confirmed that the update will be available in the next couple of weeks, some claiming that Microsoft is to blame for the delays.

  • Alastair Maggs

    I’m on Orange with a Samsung Omnia 7 which I picked up on release day… Feb update (pre-Nodo) notification popped up on Samsung Omnia 7 on Orange. Keeps failing with the 800705b4 code.

    Followed advice on the MS site, cleared off the phone (got 5GB free now) and still no joy.

    • catalin

      My Omnia 7 got updated to the february 7008 version last night in 15 minutes without any problems at all.

    • Rich

      I had the same issue tried on a different PC was using WinXP then tried on new Win7 32bit went through ok.

  • John Talbot

    T-Mobile US (HD7) here. I got the Feb. update around noon. Still waiting on NoDo as of 4:45.

  • captain_caveman2k

    Orange UK (LG Optimus 7). I got the Feb. update just after 18:00 (BST). Still waiting on NoDo.


    Just installed what I think was the pre-update on my Venue Pro and it went smoothly. Also went much faster than expected. Took about 5 minutes but was supposed to take up to 20. Now have OS version 7.0.7008.0

  • RaM5eS

    Telcel Mexico (LG Optimus 7) Update NoDo, at 11 AM.

  • Florin Radica

    Still waiting on NoDo too. Three UK with a Samsung Omnia 7. I’ve had the February update since March 3rd. I had the 800705B4 error come up but managed to update by removing most of my apps.

  • EJ

    here you go.. i got this morning…

  • EJ

    now bring on the mango…??????

  • Евгений Жарков/Jeje

    hd7 on t-mobile, just got februar update

  • Sri Sarma

    Got my 7008 update just now. The silence felt like music to my ears. No issues, successful update. Havent got NoDo yet though.
    Orange UK Samsung Omnia 7

  • Mr Jonny Shaw

    Recieved the update last night – Orange UK (Samsung Omnia 7) no problems at all :D

  • NoDooDoo

    hurry up nodo on branded 3 uk omnia 7!!!

  • Dave

    Telus Canada (LG Optimus 7) updated yesterday around 6:00pm EDT.

  • Rupert Hollom

    Got the Feb update as well on Omnia 7 on Orange yesterday, no notification of the NoDo update yet though, although I did have to plug the phone into the PC and check via Zune to see any update at all. Will try again later when I am at home – just in case

  • RickTheGod

    Still no March update! Htc mozart on Orange! Anybody else got it yet?

  • JonPauldBailey

    Got it HTC Mozart on Orange this morning.