Windows Phone 7 now has over 15,000 developers and nearly 3,000 apps and games

By Tom Warren, on 24th Nov 10 11:52 pm with 10 Comments

Microsoft revealed on Tuesday that is now has over 15,000 registered Windows Phone 7 developers.

The amount of Windows Phone developers has increased by around 80% since September. The software giant revealed it had 13,000 developers earlier this month and the latest figure shows a 15% increase in the month of November alone. Developers are pumping out a large number of applications too. Microsoft currently has nearly 2,500 apps in the Marketplace and says it’s on target to feature 3,000 by the end of the week.

“Clearly we’re just getting warmed up” said Todd Brix, Group Product Planner for the Mobile and Embedded Devices Division at Microsoft. Brix, writing in a company blog post, explained that the holiday season is a major focus point for Microsoft. “We know that many Windows Phone developers have gone to great lengths to ensure that their apps and games are in Windows Phone Marketplace this holiday season…We’re heading into one of the biggest shopping weeks of the year and we’re on pace to offer roughly 3,000 apps and games by the end of this week,” said Brix.

Microsoft outlined a number of ways its promoting apps and games. First up is the Windows Phone 7 Apps and Games listings on Bing Visual Search. The listing allows users to search and scroll through every available Windows Phone 7 application or game. The software giant is also using the Xbox 360 to promote Windows Phone 7 on the Xbox dashboard. Besides from the usual marketing and advertising campaigns, Microsoft is also using its homepage to promote its latest mobile OS. Brix says this is just a sample of the work Microsoft is doing and that we’ll see even more soon:

“We will continue to generate more visibility in more markets across all of the screens that people rely on throughout their daily lives. Developers and the apps they create are central to the Windows Phone experience and we’re doing our best to show people that Windows Phone 7 features a great list of quality apps that take advantage of the phones unique features to extend the phone experience.”

  • Kip Kniskern –

    lol nice, what is that, one developer for every phone sold? (just kidding), but where are the WP7 sales numbers? MSFT doesn’t have any problems counting and boasting Kinect sales numbers, what about the phones?

    • GP007

      The phones aren’t sold directly from MS like the kinect so they probably don’t have up-to-date sales numbers at this point. I expect something when the first month is over though.

    • Tom W

      I bet we’ll see sales figures at CES along with some other interesting WP7 stuff ;)

    • GP007

      Do you have some inside info about that or just hoping?

    • Anonymous

      And I’ll be right there on the floor of CES listening! YA!

  • GP007

    The marketplace is over 2,800 apps as of today, or rather this morning. 3k shouldn’t be hard to do at all by the end of the week. It’s also good to see that the registured dev number keeps growing.

  • Anonymous

    Dude, no way man that is jsut WAY too cool! Wow.

  • Richard Torcato

    Apple just released a new iOS update with many new features for iPad and iPhone.

    With iOS and Android updates being free who would want to pay Microsoft for Windows Phone OS updates?

    • Mike

      Windows Phone OS updates are free. Go spread your lies somewhere else. Troll.

    • Anonymous

      Is this the mentality of the typical Apple user? Sad how they make these remarks about MS charging for updates, when the last time I checked, Apple releases a “new” OSX almost every year (virtually large service packs) and charges for these. In addition, Apple charges a premium over WinTel machines for hardware that is a third the speed and feature set, but look “pretty”. That said, I STILL love my iPad, but dude get out from under the Apple and learn something.