Around 100,000 Windows Phone 7 devices sold according to Facebook usage data

By Tom Warren, on 29th Nov 10 11:04 am with 10 Comments

Early sales estimates of Windows Phone 7 sales suggest that only around 100,000 handsets have been sold.

The estimations come from Facebook Windows Phone data. WMPoweruser has tracked the use of Facebook from Windows Phone 7. The application currently has 126,018 users and is used when Windows Phone users connect their Facebook account to the device. It’s likely that most users will connect their Facebook account so the statistics could indicate nearly accurate sales figures.

Microsoft has refused to announce official sales figures but it’s widely expected to share details at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2011. Early estimates for the U.S. launch suggested that Microsoft sold 40,000 devices on November 8. Compare this figure with the wide reports of stock shortages in Europe and the 120,000 figure is a reasonable estimate.

Microsoft is expected to announce its plans for a Windows Phone 7 software update at CES 2011. The software giant has a number of Windows Phone 7 announcements planned. Microsoft has previously promised copy and paste functionality in the new update but WinRumors understands tethering functionality will also be included.

Microsoft revealed last week that it now has 15,000 app developers for Windows Phone 7. The software giant also has over 3,000 applications in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

  • Lokanadam

    15,000 app developers and over 3,000 applications : don’t seem to match well

    • GP007

      Lots of devs are still working on their apps or couldn’t get a dev phone so they’ve waited to get a retail phone to further test their apps on. Really the app count is still growing you know.

  • Bnlf

    well i´m part of the 15000 who didn´t publish the app in marketplace yet ;)

  • Adamvmlv

    Sounds promising. Maybe, just maybe by upgrade time in 2012 Windows Phone 7 will be all grown up and real competition for the big guys. I won’t buy and wait for the features it should have had at launch. By then hopefully all the talented Devs will have phones to test on and the app number will be over 100K. So till then I’m looking forward to seeing the OS’s progress.

  • Anonymous

    Promising??? 100,000 sounds like it’s DOA.

  • Rich

    The only thing these numbers seem to tell us is that AT LEAST 126,018 phones are out there (I did not link my WP7 to Facebook). I’m not sure if this is good or bad. It would be interesting to see the trend of users for the Facebook application. If it drops off precipitously over the next month, the platform could be in trouble. After using the phone for a few weeks, I can tell you it is a great product. I suspect as more of these get into the wild, momentum will build, not decline.

    • Anonymous

      Microsoft + Dell employees = 115,000 devices.

      That means 11,000 have been sold… ROFL… just kidding of course… but it doesn’t look good for WP7, that’s for sure.

    • Tom W

      Indeed. I’d expect that the vast majority of users will have linked their Facebook. I’d guess the real figure is more like 150,000, perhaps more.

  • Jason Carter

    I would get one if I was elgiable for a phone upgrade right now. Don’t want to pay full retail price for one, or any phone for that matter

  • Jill

    I think it’s time to accept that Windows Phone 7 has been a flop.

    These latest figures on their own would not be indicative, but it is one of many reports that are all pointing to the same thing. Windows Phone 7 is now languishing in the same situation as Microsoft’s previous Kin phones did.

    Buying a Windows Phone 7 handset now is like buying a Kin phone in its final days. The platform is not going to be there long-term. The network carriers are not going to continue selling dud phones for more than a few months that it takes to clear stock.