Windows Phone and Silverlight chiefs to keynote MIX11

By Tom Warren, on 25th Jan 11 8:41 pm with 5 Comments

Joe Belfiore and Scott Guthrie

Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Silverlight chiefs are set to return to keynote MIX 2011.

The software giant’s annual web and developer conference kicks off on April 12 this year in Las Vegas. MIX is aimed at professionals who design and build the latest web sites. For the second year in a row, Joe Belfiore, who oversees Windows Phone Program Management, and is responsible for the design and software product definition of forthcoming generations of Windows phones will keynote MIX again. Belfiore will also be joined by Scott Guthrie, who heads Microsoft’s .NET Developer Platform. Guthrie runs the development teams responsible for delivering Silverlight, Visual Studio and the .NET Framework technologies for building client and Web applications.

Registration for MIX 2011 opened this week but Microsoft is keeping the session list and agenda close to its chest. The company is expected to deliver the final version of Internet Explorer 9 at MIX11 and talk up developer improvements for Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft is working on a second Windows Phone 7 update will introduce enhanced developer controls for applications. Microsoft is expected to open up several new APIs that will allow for greater multi-tasking, in-app downloads and better customization for end users. Microsoft is also working on a major overhaul of the Windows Phone 7 browser. In a job posting, listed in November, the software maker promises a “major overhaul of standard support and new approaches to make significant advances in performance, power consumption and bandwidth utilization.” It’s possible that Microsoft may be ready to detail its future Internet Explorer mobile plans at MIX in April. Microsoft is believed to be planning Flash and HTML5 support for Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft is likely to debut its public beta of Silverlight 5 at MIX 2011. Guthrie announced Microsoft’s plans for Silverlight 5 at a special developer event in December last year. Microsoft has promised to deliver a public beta in the second quarter of 2011 with a final release by the end of the year. Guthrie describes Silverlight 5 as a “major new release” which brings significant enhancements to media support. Silverlight 5 will include hardware media decoding to stream 1080p video on Netbooks. Microsoft will also deliver a 64-bit version of Silverlight with version 5.

  • Joel

    Release the first wp7 update already… Pleaseeee

    • Grannyville7989

      Could it be the phone carriers that are the source of the delay?

    • GP007

      It’s looking like that first update is going to come at MWC on the 5th iirc.

    • Joel

      GP007, I hope you’re right.. If we don’t have the update by MWC, I will be going back to an Android powered device.. Not necessarily by choice, but because im tired of being blown away by all my friends, in what seems like all aspects of our phones. I feel like im being forced into a situation that I really don’t want any part of. I guess this means that I might have to “settle” on something that may very well just be a far superior product. I sincerely hope not. I’ve got faith in you MS, but I’m growing impatient.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really having a hard time believing that Microsoft is actually doing things right. Windows Phone 7 is solid and nothing has been left out (except for copy-paste), Silverlight is awesome, XNA is taking off, Xbox Live titles are awesome, Xbox 360+Kinect, Windows 7, Office 2010…the list of successes is really awesome. Keep going!