Windows Phone coming to Middle East and Africa via official online store

By Tom Warren, on 17th Oct 11 3:06 pm with 26 Comments

Windows Phones coming to Middle East and Africa

Microsoft announced on Sunday that it plans to partner with Brightpoint to bring Windows Phone devices to the Middle East and Africa by the end of the year.

The software giant plans to launch an online store to sell Windows Phone devices to consumers in the Middle East and Africa. The company is dubbing the store a “Windows Phone Online Shop,” where different manufacturers of Windows Phones will be able to sell their devices direct to consumers. Devices will be shipped directly to consumers doors according to the company’s press release on Sunday.

“Smartphone growth is fuelling the worldwide mobile phone market and Windows Phone is poised to lead this trend. In fact, IDC recently projected that Windows Phone will have the second largest share of the Smartphone market by 2015,” said Gustavo Fuchs, Microsoft Mobility Director, Middle East and Africa. “We are seeing huge Smartphone growth in the region and this is expected to continue with a prediction of 38 percent year on year growth for 2012. The launch of the Windows Phone Online Shop will help fuel the appetite of consumers in the region.”

The online store will be available in English, French, Arabic and Turkish. Consumers will be able to compare models, read reviews and watch demos of each product. “We are pleased to continue our long time partnership with Brightpoint, who have been with us since the first version of Windows Mobile and has now embraced Windows Phone as a part of their portfolio. Brightpoint’s wide reach across Middle East and Africa and its globally recognized distribution expertise will ensure consumers will have access to the latest and greatest phones as soon as possible,” added Fuchs.

The store is expected to launch before the end of the year.

  • Alvaro

    Meanwhile in SouthAmerica we have the last version of Android an iPhone. Thank you Microsoft.

    • majankajan

      And GTA III comes to Android and IOS. Thanks to Dual core.

      But of course I miss kinectanimals. LOL

    • Graham R

      Have fun with battery life atleast people that play games on their WP7 can still use their phones after

  • Jasley

    wow!happy news for me as i am staying in dubai!

  • Joel Job

    Great news for South Africa – we are being ripped off by local Cellular providers. Hopefully it would be competatively priced.

    • rsgx

      I heard the providers there are going to stop pushing WP7 there?

      I can’t say I’m surprised, all the people there love Blackberries for some reason, lol.

    • Guest

      they better not be :(

    • Anonymous

      Dont care, what they like or carry, I’m in for WPM…make it rain M$$$…where you at..?!

    • J A

      The reason they haave taken to Blackberries is the BBM that they use fof free. Microsoft can make its case by showcasing Messenger on Windows Phone. I am from Africa and communicate back and forth, which is why I know but I have made it clear that I have no interest in Blackberries so they should not expect any BB PIN from me. BB PIN is what they call your Blackberry ID for BBM back there.

  • Blackatana

    If the website will be having Arabic support so the phone will do (Throw Tango maybe). But I am happy about this :D.

  • Shams

    this is welcome news to some of us

  • Saudiwp7

    Well, that’s good news for sure but the questions now is will these devices support the mentioned languages (Ar, Tk) or that will be only the online store !

    • Anonymous

      arabic support in the middle of 2012 

  • Ahmedshuhaib

    Great, but will the handsets support Arabic language? Any idea?

    • sarkis chamelian

      Yes, next year Q1 or Q2

    • Ahmad_Alqarni

      I am wounding how they’re gonna sell phones that doesn’t even support Arabic langue in Arabic countries?! Who’s gonna buy it?  

    • Lachlan C McLeod

      people that speak the languages they support??

  • Anonymous

    but with no way to buy apps right? the phone is nice, but you need to be able to buy apps to get the full benefits of the OS

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    great news for Africa.. at least MS sees potential instead of the usual stereotype people have of the middle east and africa.
    I personally think those two regions are the last frontier because every other part of the world is saturated with all sorts except these parts.
    if the likes of Nokia maintain their strong presence in Africa, they can retain their number one spot in the mobile industry even if just slightly.

  • Farshad Zolfaghari

    No Persian Language ?! :(

  • Farshad Zolfaghari

    No Persian language ?! :(

  • Naser

    Do you know how many Apple store in Kuwait more than 7 and all of them big, clean and elegant  VS Microsoft one very small corner in poor area selling nothing :)

  • Anonymous

    How are they going to sell it without Arabic support?!

    (Middle East and North Africa are mostly Arabian countries)

    Yeah, you can read your contacts and download an Arabic keyboard. But it can’t render Arabic letters right in the browser, not even in the E-mail.

    The iPhone didn’t have a chance here until it supported Arabic, now it sell like hot cakes for around 1000$ (together with Blackberries which might be topping the sales just for the BBM! .. which needs Arabic of course)

    Android is far behind, but with some unofficial support it’s doing OK.

    People used to swear by Nokia (with its great hardware, localization and support) and Nokia Maps (free, offline, accurate, and also in Arabic!)

    Windows Phone could take advantage of that + the popularity of Microsoft’s products here (Like Messenger and Hotmail)
    We know now that Arabic is coming 2nd half of 2012, and it’s good that we finally know it’s coming.

    .. but 1 year is a long time in this market, and I’m afraid it’ll be too late.