Windows Phone developers can submit Mango apps on August 22

By Tom Warren, on 20th Jul 11 4:27 pm with 14 Comments

Microsoft detailed recent changes to its App Hub developer portal on Wednesday.

The software giant detailed its developer changes in a blog post. Microsoft’s Todd Brix revealed that the company will open up Windows Phone Mango app submissions in just a months time. “We’re just about a month away from enabling developers to begin submitting Mango apps to App Hub,” said Brix. “Developers will need to use the Windows Phone Release Candidate (RC) tools that we expect to make available in late August to finalize their Mango apps and submit to App Hub.”

Brix acknowledged developers’ patience as the App Hub comes online and thanked them for their continued support of Windows Phone. “Thank you for contributing more than 23,000 apps in just 8 short months and making Windows Phone one of the most vibrant and fastest growing mobile ecosystems in history,” he said.

Here’s the full list of changes in the App Hub:

  • 19 new consumer markets. Starting today developers can publish their apps to consumers in 19 new countries, in addition to the 16 that Marketplace already supports. The 19 new markets include Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, India, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden and Taiwan.
  • 7 new developer markets: Also starting today developers from 7 new markets (Welcome!) can register in App Hub and submit apps. The 7 new developer markets enabled include: Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, South Africa and South Korea.
  • In a couple of months (early fall 2011), developers will also be able to register from China. We will also expand the registration support already available in India.
  • App Hub localization: App Hub is now localized for Korean and Simplified Chinese in addition to English and Japanese.
  • Updated price tiers: Periodically (such as with the addition of new markets) we modify price tiers on a country-by-country basis to adjust for fluctuations in global currency exchange rates. The goal is to maintain consistent application pricing (net of applicable taxes) across markets. During the nine months since our initial launch, some currencies have gained and some have lost strength relative to one another. The changes made this week bring global prices more closely in line with the values established 9 months ago. We’ve also added more pricing tier options below (US) $5 to give you more flexibility in pricing.
  • Upcoming mobile in-app advertising market expansion: The international availability of Microsoft pubCenter remains a priority so developers can receive mobile in-app advertising revenue in their local currency. To this end, Microsoft Advertising pubCenter will support Windows Phone 7 app developers in the following 18 countries by the end of 2011: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

To enhance developers’ long term success with ad funded Windows Phone 7 apps, we continue to offer more effective ad monetization and expand overall demand.

  • Earlier this week, two developers used their apps to compare which advertising platform helped them make more money – Microsoft Advertising or another ad platform. After a nearly three week period, the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7 drove a 71% higher yield, producing greater overall gross revenue earnings and fill rate.  See the blog post for more details.
  • Last month we announced the availability of Windows Phone 7 in-app inventory to all demand sources (e.g. ad networks) on the Microsoft Advertising Exchange for Mobile in any of the 17 countries where the Windows Phone Marketplace is currently live. Over a dozen new demand sources, including ChoiceStream and Suite 66, can now bid in real-time for this valuable in-app inventory increasing bid density.
  • Beta Distribution: Enables developers to distribute pre-certified applications to a group of up to 100 access controlled beta testers for up to 90 days. This distribution method gives you the opportunity to test apps with a hand-picked set of beta testers more quickly and build high-quality apps before publishing them in Marketplace.
  • Targeted Distribution: Enables you to distribute applications through Marketplace in a hidden state, where they are not discoverable via browsing or searching Marketplace. To enable targeted users to access your hidden app you simply share the deep-link to the app with the users you want to have access via e-mail, text or other mechanism. Unlike beta distribution, you may distribute your app to as many users as desired and publish publicly in Marketplace at any time.
  • Better application management: By selecting ‘Edit catalog details’ on the app ‘Lifecycle’ tab you can now change the app metadata without submitting your app for re-certification, thus reducing the time to update and publish new information.
  • Enhanced developer dashboard: Now from a single location, when you sign-in you can quickly see all top app performance metrics, payout status, distribution reporting and all available ratings & reviews on your app(s) on a per language basis.
  • More detailed reporting: You are now able to select between ‘Summary’ and ‘Detail’ views of all reports and export them in an Excel-compatible format for offline data handling and analysis.
  • New ‘Crash Count’ report: App Hub now enables you to retrieve data on crash counts and stack traces for each of your apps to use in debugging publisher updates faster.
  • Streamlined application submission process: Developers no longer need to upload artwork files one-by-one. By clicking the ‘Browse’ button, developers can bulk select upload multiple artwork files all at once during the app submission process. The App Hub will automatically detect the image sizes of all artwork and place them in the correct artwork locations for developers to edit or delete before final app submission.
  • New App Categories: To make discoverability of apps easier we have added 3 new top level categories (education, kids & family and government & politics) and several new sub categories. In addition, during the app submission process, developers can now select categories and sub-categories for all languages.
  • Carlos Ribeiro da Fonseca

    Hopefully this means that Mango is coming in September :)

    • GP007

      Sounds right to me, I think they did the same originally with 7.0 though I’d have to double check.  I think they opened up submissions one month ahead of the Nov retail release in the US back then as well.

  • mike g

    Has there been any news on a Live Messenger app and/or integration?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, its integrated.

    • Anonymous

      It is fully integrated and works great.  The SMS app is now a messeging hub that has Windows Live, Facebook chat and SMS all with a single view and you can WL/SMS/FB someone from People hub.  One of the cooler things is that contact history for any type of communications shows up under the people hub – missed calls, sms, facebook, windows live etc.. etc..

  • G3orge

    Perfect, all 10 developers must the thrilled!

    • Martyn Metalous

      lol, 10 developers don’t make 23,000 apps, think your maths is wrong

    • Stephen Floyd

      Are you dumb or have you just missed every single piece of Windows phone news since its release? WP has tye fastest growing smart phone app store EVER. And with Mango in the next 2 months we’re going to see a huge spike in that number.

    • Stephen Floyd

      Are you dumb or have you just missed every single piece of Windows phone news since its release? WP has tye fastest growing smart phone app store EVER. And with Mango in the next 2 months we’re going to see a huge spike in that number.

    • OMG55

      Nice to know MS is setting the bar high!!! You Apple fans  tend to keep up with MS new and development, yet you say we’re not a threat. I don’t troll Mac forums or sites. YOU CAN COME OUT OF THE CLOSET NOW…..ITS OKAY, MOMMIE & DADDY STILL LOVE YOU!!!!!!

    • Test1ngi23

      Maybe he’s a Linux fan?

  • Martyn Metalous

    Wonder how they are going to cope with existing apps updated to Mango, I assume the NoDo phones wont get the update until the phone is upgraded to Mango?

    • Tim Smith

      I would be shocked if apps updated for Mango don’t run on NoDo. More than likely they’ll run but certain Mango specific features won’t work. 

  • amaneden

    what a gigantic shame that turkish is not supported, still :/