Windows Phone developers will be able to load Mango onto devices in a month

By Tom Warren, on 24th May 11 9:46 pm with 16 Comments

Microsoft is planning to allow Windows Phone developers to load Mango onto their devices, WinRumors has learned.

The software giant will allow Windows Phone developers to load the Mango operating system onto retail devices in around a months time. Speaking informally at a Windows Phone Mango VIP event in London on Tuesday, Achim Berg, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Windows Phone marketing told WinRumors that the company would release the bits in around four weeks time. Microsoft’s Brandon Watson previously revealed, at MIX 2011, that Microsoft was working to allow developers to use Mango on Windows Phone hardware.

Joe Belfiore, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Windows Phone, also confirmed the company’s plans to release the bits in a twitter message on Tuesday, spotted by The Next Web:

Joe Belfiore's Mango tweet

Microsoft unveiled a number of new Windows Phone Mango features on Tuesday. Mango will include over 500 new features ranging from multitasking through to some major Bing search improvements.

  • Ian Mitchell

    Time to make an app, I think.

  • Preston Moore

    WOOT!!!!!! Best news of today

  • Not ice_fusion.

    I’ve been working very slowly on an app, as a new developer who is new to programming. I’ve been verified already, have unlocked my HD7, and am chugging along in Visual Studio. Sincerely hoping that I’m included in the developer group as I may or may not have my app done in a month (and refuse to release pure crap onto the marketplace)

  • AlienSix

    Epic News

  • AlienSix

    Epic News

  • Mcauthon

    What is a “detail” device?

    • burton

      try “retail”, as in a standard consumer device.  conversely, not a special developer device.

  • zzz

    Seeing how it came from a marketing person in an informal setting in London, I wouldn’t put too much weight on this “in a month” timeframe. It would be absolutely awesome if it happens that fast.

  • Anonymous

    Great news. Now to just get my idea for an app into actual code… Time to learn how to code I guess. 

  • Ryan Gadz

    probably only applies to unlocked developer devices, just like they did for NoDo update. :(

  • Bnlf

    cool. cant wait. 

  • Ondra Moravek

    Hmm, WP market is being opened for my country with Mango, I can’t sign my device yet. I suppose I will have to wait :D.

  • Anonymous

    Now *THIS* is great news!

  • Anonymous

    Epic. MS gets developers in ways apple and google couldn’t even begin to understand.

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t this lead us to believe that Mango’s RTM isn’t as far away as we once thought?  Would September be more realistic and less wishful thinking?

  • Developer

    Isn’t it about time that MS will include Israel in their list of  countires that are open for WP7 development.