Windows Phone firmware updates due next week to enable Internet Sharing

By Tom Warren, on 19th Oct 11 9:05 pm with 29 Comments

Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango"

Microsoft revealed on Wednesday that its Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” update is available to nearly every Windows Phone user.

The software giant is opening the flood games for Windows Phone 7.5, ahead of schedule. “So today we’re fully opening the spigot —slightly ahead of schedule—and making Mango available to nearly everyone in the current delivery pool,” said Microsoft’s Eric Hautala in a blog post on Wednesday. “We’re excited most of our customers now have access to all the new features in Windows Phone 7.5. But we know there’s still work to do.”

Microsoft is now scheduling Mango updates for the LG Optimus 7 device on the Telefonica network in Spain. The software maker is also working closely with Orange in Europe to resolve some technical issues that are preventing the company from delivering Windows Phone 7.5 to customers. “Updates for a few phones are also still undergoing carrier tests,” revealed Hautala. “If this applies to you, I want you to know we’ve already prepared to expedite delivery of Windows Phone 7.5 to you once carrier testing is finished.”

Microsoft’s delivery of Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” has been nothing less than impressive. The company plans to push out firmware specific updates next week to improve device performance. The updates will also activate new Windows Phone 7.5 features. “Not everybody will receive or require one: It all depends on your country, carrier, and phone model,” says Hautala. Microsoft’s firmware updates are expected to enable the Internet Sharing feature on a number of existing Windows Phone handsets. Microsoft previously revealed that the feature would require updated Wi-Fi drivers for existing devices.

  • Ramanan

    keep it coming MS!! we love you! and please make Nokia change the font back to Segoe WP .>PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!! 

    • luke516

      WHAT! Nokia changed the font?!? That’s one of the cornerstones of Metro!!!

  • wetworker

    Sweet. 6 gigs of data on my current phone account.

  • Henry Edwards

    I do hope O2 UK will endable internet sharing for HTC HD7

  • Anonymous

    I keep thinking how awesome it will be to have Tethering, then I remember that I only have 200 MB of data a month. :P

    • mark reese

      lol as do i

    • Kplay12

      I have 4 GB :P

    • Anonymous

      Exactly.  I always use to think data plans would get cheaper and better.  Instead they have become more expensive and restrictive.

    • J A

      Well, I have an unlimited data plan, however, I am uninterested in paying a dime more to my wireless carrier to share a data plan I already pay/overpay for with my other devices. I don’t need them all online that bad anyawy; I am always online at work and at home on my PCs on much faster internet connectivity anwyay. It is goo technology ampered by carrier greed.

    • Anonymous

      I feel the same as you. The correct thing to do, in this case, is to use the method described on the net to enable internet sharing and bypass the carrier.

    • Nathan Loika

      5Gb at 4g speed!

  • Anonymous

    “Microsoft’s delivery of Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” has been nothing less than impressive. ”

    Very true. Nothing like that has ever been done in the mobile history.

    • Lachlan C McLeod

      but omg the keyboard disapears once a few months!


    • Anonymous

      But it never ever disappears on an iPhone.

    • CG

      But back in the time when iPhone was this young, they had far worse issues.

    • Guest
    • Anonymous

      CG – remember back in 2007 the superphone era was just beginning so it was acceptable that the iPhone had stability issues. In 2011, Windows Phone 7 has to be as good as the current iPhone.

    • CG

      I disagree. Phones have been around for ages before iPhone came out, and having simple issues with reception is way more unacceptable than a disappearing keyboard.

    • Tom

      I knew there was a reason I bought a slider phone with a QWERTY keyboard.

  • MVIM

    I really hope Samsung fixes the Bluetooth volume in the Focus and Omnia 7 with this update. I had to roll back to 2103.11.3.3 from 2103.11.8.1 because they reduced the volume for Bluetooth when out of a call (affects SMS text-to-speech and TellMe services) so low that I cannot use them with my in-car Bluetooth anymore. If the new firmware update does not fix this, I will forego Internet Sharing and Visual Voicemail. This is too important of a bug to go neglected for months, else I will have to take a serious look at Nokia or HTC over Samsung when it comes time to replace my Samsung Focus.

  • oolong2

    Uhhhh….  “opening the flood games” ?

    Is that a game based on New Orleans/Hurricane Katrina or Noah’s Ark?  ;-)

  • Guest

    Does the combination of opening the rollout spigot + new firmware updates for some devices mean that the recent disappearing keyboard issue afffecting some users has been determined to be firmware related and not Mango-related?

  • Asher Berman

    does this mean vissual voicmail for AT&T?

  • Alber_325

    Yes!! It’s great to have Unl. Data! :)

  • Hugues Lefebvre

    Finally. I hope it’ll work fine with the iPad so I don’t need to be with my wife (iPhone user) to have portable WiFi. 

    My carrier (TELUS in Canada) doesn’t charge extra for the feature and I have 6Gb per month (not shared, my wife has 6Gb as well) so it’ll be sweet :)

  • Shaun Wignal

    not really interested in that, dont need to share my data and add more money to my expensive monthly bill,so no thank you. Its good for those who do lots of data sharing so I say good for them..

  • bambrek

    in malaysia..we still can’t update ours Windows..

  • Sparxx

    And bluetooth sharing ? When will we be able to send and receive files via bluetooth ?

  • Chris Cramer

    All I can say is, Microsoft has a great thing going
    here with Mango and I really hope that when the new phones arrive, vendors
    will “push” the product more aggressively rather than placing all the
    Windows Phones in some obscure location in the store.  It does no good whatsoever if all of us Windows Phone enthusiasts “keep the faith” if the dissatisfied Blackberry users and a few iPhone and Android users don’t jump ship and come to the side of Windows Phone. If the market share for WP does not grow, then Microsoft will not be able to justify continued development…  It’s all about new hardware, new vendors, and new converts….  Market Share will make or break this product!