Windows Phone hackers enable tethering on existing Samsung devices

By Tom Warren, on 30th Sep 11 11:14 am with 8 Comments

Internet Sharing in Windows Phone 7.5

Windows phone hackers have managed to enable the Internet Sharing feature of Windows Phone 7.5 on existing Samsung devices.

Forum users at mobile tinkering site XDA-developers have successfully enabled the Internet Sharing feature of Windows Phone 7.5 on existing hardware. The steps aren’t for the average user but they do prove that the feature works well on existing devices. Microsoft unveiled its Internet Sharing section in Windows Phone 7.5 earlier this week. The feature allows Windows Phone 7.5 users to share their Internet connection with up to 5 devices at the same time. Microsoft claimed that the feature would only be available on new Windows Phone 7.5 devices as they have “radios capable of broadcasting a connection.” Microsoft later clarified that the feature would be made available to existing devices, providing that OEMs and operators ship updated Wi-Fi drivers for their devices.

The tethering feature is also controlled by mobile operators. If a mobile operator chooses to enable the feature then users will see an “Internet Sharing” option under the main settings of Windows Phone 7.5. The feature was originally discovered during the beta phase of Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” but Microsoft officially recognized the feature on Tuesday.

Some AT&T Samsung Focus users were able to enable the Internet Sharing option using copies of Windows Phone 7.5 build 7720.68. Windows Phone hacker has now simplified the process down to the following steps:

  1. Download DiagProvXML and Samsung Tools
  2. Deploy both XAPs to your phone
  3. Run DiagProvXML and hold down on the Internet Sharing item, press Execute
  4. Close (press Back) DiagProvXML, and run Samsung Tools. Press Apply to set Auto Data Config.
  5. Your phone will reboot, and everything should work from there on it.

If you’re interesting in enabling the feature on a Samsung device then follow the full instructions at Windows Phone hacker. Be warned that the tutorial may invalidate your warranty and that you’ll need a developer unlocked device to complete the steps. Long Zheng tested out the feature and reports that the battery drain is noticeable. “I did notice the battery draining much quicker and warmer just during the half-hour I was testing the tethering which might be one of the reasons why it’s not natively enabled yet,” said Zheng.

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  • Sheeds

    Posted a detailed article on this here: earlier.  Calls States-side to Samsung and ATT yielded no joy.  Transparency and clarity on what is going on here would be nice.

  • Miguel Santos

    Got it working in my Omnia 7 and it works well.. 
    Device does get hot, but that’s expected.. All devices tethering get really hot…

  • Gamer

    You didn’t mention, it works for HTC and LG device too.

    • Ondra Moravek

      … no it does not. I checked both LG and HTC update packages and neither of those include new SoftAP drivers.

  • San Ien Jao

    I think all current phone can tether – think they use the same chip. Only need to wait for OEM drivers.

    Of course the battery drains faster and it gets hot…. this always happen when tethering –> hence it is ok just do it :-D

    • Ondra Moravek

      Nope, Dell Venue Pro has Broadcom 4325 that is not capable of doing wifi AP.

    • Sanienjao

      Bummer… guess it is no longer the best WP7 out there as it was hailed to be… too bad guys

  • BG

    Got this working on Samsung Focus AT&T with no problem.