Windows Phone Kinectimals game coming this Autumn

By Tom Warren, on 16th Aug 11 11:55 am with 9 Comments


Microsoft announced a mobile version of its popular Kinectimals title on Tuesday.

The software giant is planning to launch Kinectimals Now with Bears! on October 11, an updated version of the original Kinectimals game. Microsoft also revealed that Kinectimals will be available “on the go” with a new Windows Phone game:

“Coming this Autumn, “Kinectimals” fans can take their favourite cubs beyond the living room to care for and train while on-the-go. “Kinectimals” for mobile will deliver all of the fun of the original “Kinectimals,” using touch screen controls to feed, pet, play, train and nurture on-the-go from their Windows Phone while also enjoying Xbox LIVE integration of Achievements and Leaderboards.”

Gamescon attendees will also get a sneak preview of a number of new Xbox LIVE games coming to Windows Phone later this year. “Chickens Can’t Fly” and the mobile companion to “Toy Soldiers: Cold War” will both be available later this year.

  • Karl Cramer

    Great. Now my niece is going to want to use my phone.

    • Nate

      My two year old daughter has already taken over both me and my wife’s Focus’. She loves PvZ and “Ninja Froot!”

    • Alex

      your two year old daughter likes to kill zombies? … i like that!

  • Anonymous

    Cutie, Cutie !!

  • Ef Jay

    Great, we get a kids game that no one will buy a WP7 for but something like Halo that will actually get headlines and generate sales is not even acknowledged. Winning strategy, Microsoft!

    • Nicolas Difurio

      bro games like halo require to much video wise out of a phone. and take up alot of space. to be downloaded over the app market would be too much to ask of 3g networks since its 20$ a month for 2gbs of data. so then they would have to sell them on microsd cards in stores and online. thus making it a very hard to put on phones.

  • Anonymous

    Is this free if we own the xbox version?  It should be.

  • Anonymous

    Is this free if we own the xbox version?  It should be.

  • Liam Clarke

    OMG I CANT WAIT TO GET THIS GAME OH WAIT…..Its probably going to cost about £4.99 just because it has xbox live integration. Id prefer cheaper games first on my wp7. Although, general apps seem to be getting a lot cheaper now time has passed.