Windows Phone Mango now available for Samsung Omnia 7 Deutsche Telekom

By Tom Warren, on 31st Oct 11 8:44 pm with 15 Comments

Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango"

Microsoft announced on Monday that it is now delivering the Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” update to Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile) Samsung Omnia 7 devices.

Microsoft originally started rolling out Windows Phone 7.5 on September 27. The company is now delivering the update to all eligible devices. Microsoft’s push towards the Omnia 7 update for Deutsche Telekom users means the only exceptions left are:

  • Samsung Omnia 7 devices on Telefonica still testing
  • Dell Venue Pro on AT&T still planning
  • Samsung Focus 1.4 on AT&T still testing

“If you have a phone that’s still listed as Testing on Where’s My Phone Update?, please be assured that you have our full focus and attention,” said Microsoft’s Eric Hautala in a blog post on Monday. “We aim to deliver Mango to those models as soon as they’ve completed testing and will expedite the delivery process.” Microsoft is also delivering device firmware updates. The firmware updates are provided by handset manufacturers and are designed to improve a phones performance, fix bugs, and activate new Windows Phone 7.5 features.

  • deathmore34

    Ive ran the update and its on part 6 of 10, restarting phone, anyone know if this is actually meant to take long? It’s stuck on that for a while now

    • Austin Agli

      i dont think thats supposed to happen…

    • StuartCH

      Same here, I’ve been stuck in this state on my Mam’s Omnia 7 for about half an hour now…

    • deathmore34

      if it says restarting phone for part 6 for a while, cancel update. Then turn of wifi, 3g, and lockscreen password, and location

  • OMG55

    It does take at least 45 minutes or more.

  • Psoldevila

    LG E900 Telefonica Spain (Movistar) still does not have the update!!! where is it?

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to the club

  • Gamer

    After 1 month… Hmm

  • Martin Stevens

    All sorted here. Already had Mango, just needed the updated drivers. Just to confirm, T-Mobile UK are allowing internet sharing :D

  • Daniel Schmidt

    got it its incredible, but i dont like that i have now to touch an extra search bar in the marcetplace 

  • Allan

    Samsung mad a bug in the early versions of its firmware. If you are really unlucky like me – your phone also comes without download mode and it has to be firmware updated by Samsung. Read more here:

    • deathmore34

      When I got my omnia 7 it had that problem, but when NoDo came out it fixed that problem. I was stuck on rebooting part 6 too, just turn off everything and make sure you don’t have a lockscreen password.

  • M3r0vin6

    Got my update, internet sharnig working on my omnia 7 from Deutsche Telekom DE.

  • Olaf

    Who else has the error  80004005?

  • Markprice

    Updated yesterday no issues. Just pleased to have a browser that works properly.