Windows Phone Mango overview: Outlook, Phone & Calendar [video]

By Tom Warren, on 23rd Jun 11 9:21 pm with 42 Comments

In part four of our Windows Phone Mango overview series we take an in-depth look at the new Outlook, Phone and Calendar updates for Mango users.


Microsoft hasn’t changed a great deal in the phone part of Windows Phone Mango. There had been rumors that the software giant was planning to introduce visual voicemail but this doesn’t appear to be alive just yet, although it’s likely carrier dependent. Microsoft has improved the call history functionality by adding in a list of recent SMS and Email threads into the history. There’s also a new search button that allows you to search for calls from specific people (previously available through the physical search button). Microsoft has tweaked the incoming call interface too. You no longer have to press a button to get call options, they are immediately available making it easier to put the phone on speaker mode (see demo video below). Overall there’s some minor additions to the most basic part of a smartphone.


Outlook has been overhauled in a number of ways. The mail client now features linked email inboxes, conversation view and enhanced exchange support. Linked Inbox combines multiple emails accounts and displays them together in a single Inbox. You can choose the accounts you want to link and name them in a unique way. Linked Inboxes can also be pinned to the start screen and include a dynamic live tile with the new messages counter. Multiple linked inboxes can be created and pinned. The feature will be useful for those who want to separate out their personal mail accounts and work mail accounts.

Email conversation view does what it says on the tin. You can tap to expand and quickly view a conversation, all from within the same screen. The view allows you to easily manage your Inbox, now you can select a whole conversation, instead of just individual emails, and delete or mark as read. A neat trick up Mango’s sleeve is also the ability to pin mail folders to the start screen. This is particularly useful for people who regularly file mails into folders and want quick access to them. Microsoft has also added a search function to Outlook that also allows exchange users to search the server side for old mails. Outlook users will also be able to read IRM protected emails, set out of office messages and protect their devices with an exchange alpha-numeric PIN.


Calendar has been greatly improved in Mango. Microsoft has introduced a “quick events” feature that allows users to create appointments faster by typing in the subject directly from within the day view. Exchange users can also sync and view multiple calendars and mark them with their favourite colour. Lync users will be able to join Lync meetings directly from their calendar with the new Lync Application available from the Windows Phone Marketplace. Microsoft has also introduced a new to-do view in the calendar. The to-do list will sync tasks to Exchange and Windows Live, allowing users to set reminds for specific daily tasks. The final part to Mango’s calendar piece is the introduction of Facebook event support. Facebook users can now view their events and reply to wall messages and confirm their RSVP.

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  • AlienSix

    Smart dial needs to come to phone app

  • Anonymous

    hi Tom,

    Nice video. Cool search features on the email. the calendar quick add event is neat too….

    I like it a lot, all the features, really cant wait for this to be out.

    Can i ask you something, see when you receive a call, after tapping the “answer” button whats shown on screen? bcos normally when i receive a call and i want to go straight to loudspeaker i must tap on another button to have that option, i hear that in MANGO that will change, after tapping answer the option for SPEAKER will be on screen..

    can you confirm please?

    I appreciate it, can wait to watch more videos :D



    • Tom W

      Refresh the post, I made a video especially for you :)

    • Anonymous

      thnx Tom, really appreciate it… sorry late reply…

      the new way its better than in NoDo, so im happy with that :D

      great posts ;)

  • A Fan

    Man how am I supposed to remember all the new features? There are just too many!

    • Anonymous

      isnt that a good thing?

    • Mitch Foster

      Depends, because after the Mango launch, the next update is likely to be the complete integration of Xbox, Win8 and WP8… Meaning I am probably going to be stuck at home for weeks on end trying to get all this shit figured out hahah :P

  • Patrick


    whats about the reminder… it still not possible to set the snoozetime? In NoDo its quite annoying that we cant delay it for more than 5 minutes :/


    • Tom W

      Sadly this hasn’t changed. The snooze button still simply defaults to 5 mins.

    • Patrick

      well thats a beginning….thanks for that

    • w1ngnut

      Miss that too!

    • Morgan Wisbey

      Same for the alarm clock. a five minute snooze is worthless. Hopefully they will allow changes in options. I will say the gradual increasing alarm is a nice touch but I hate how the alarm only stays active onscreen for about 10 seconds. If you don’t wake and hit snooze or dismiss within this time, you then have to open and unlock the phone to press the buttons. This should stay on screen as long as the alarm is sounding.

  • Brian Burton

    What’s with the soft search button? Why on earth is MS wasting the dedicated hardware button?

    • Tom W

      I don’t understand that either, the functionality has always been there but perhaps they are trying to surface it more.

    • Arne Helseth

      I believe this is because their usability studies showed that people were confused by the dynamic nature of the dedicated search button in pre-Mango versions. You never really knew if hitting search would bring up Bing or search your contacts, email etc.

      Personally I quite like the way it used to work, i.e. context sensitive, but I do understand why they’ve changed.

    • Anonymous

      Well the solution would be simply to give 3rd party developers access to the search button, but Microsoft doesn’t seem to want to do that because there might be an application that uses the search button to launch Google.

    • Guest

      Not neccesarily, as that doesn’t solve the confusion of whether it brings up bing or not…

    • King

      That software search button is being removed in the final build.

    • bradbamford

      No it’s not.

  • Brian Burton

    What’s with the soft search button? Why on earth is MS wasting the dedicated hardware button?

  • Anonymous

    Will regular Windows Live users be able to sync multiple calendars from a single account?

    • Tom W

      Yes :)

  • Stephen

    When you receive an incoming call that is synced with a facebook/twitter acct. are you able to see the callers profile picture or is it just a static black screen like in your video?

    • Arne Helseth

      You see the profile photo, just like you do on pre-Mango versions (as long as the person calling isn’t blocking his CID).

  • Vincent Haakmat

    Mango adds so many features, I get the feeling that this was already in the works before 7.0 shipped. Too many features to be ready in less than 9 months after initial release. But hey, that’s a good thing, I finally can get these Android and Apple apes, sorry fans, off my back

    • contextfree

      Yes, it was in the works, they’ve already confirmed that they work on two annual major versions at once. So the next big update for late 2012 is under development now, and once Mango is done they’ll start planning the 2013 update as well.

    • contextfree

      Yes, it was in the works, they’ve already confirmed that they work on two annual major versions at once. So the next big update for late 2012 is under development now, and once Mango is done they’ll start planning the 2013 update as well.

  • framod

    E-Mail server search only for exchange accounts??? Does that mean that the search function is disabled for Windows Live or Gmail accounts?

  • Kapi91

    hey tom you can actually make out the entire number you tried to block when you slide to the right at about 42 seconds on the second video you might want to edit that ;)

  • jimmy

    I’d really like the call log to condense the number of entries for calls to the same person. If i have 5 different calls in a row with one person, it’s quite annoying to see the whole log filled up with that one person. Any chance that’ll be a setting?

  • headRush

    Can Google Calendar and Gmail have a nice enough intergration?

  • Faht

    Hey Tom do you know if sip can be done in mango?
    I really need sip to buy a wp7.

  • Kris C

    Any word on whether our phones will now recognize multiple calendars associated with our accounts? Currently it only synchronizes the primary account, which leaves me with several other calendars that I can’t access — most needed being the birthday calendar.

    • CandidCalum

      I believe it does, but I’m not 100% sure. That’s how I’ve read it in all of the reviews (multiple calendars per account).

    • bradbamford

      any secondary hotmail or exchange calendar will sync (as well as Facebook events).

      Gmail will still only sync the primary calendar, so you will want to subscribe to any gmail calendars from within hotmail to pull in multiple gmail accounts.

  • Tryll

    From a logical perspective, the on-screen search button is mostly related to the screen-in-view so if the screen shows calender the search relates to calender, so on and so forth, however the hardware search button is for Bing…my guesses !!

  • bshaf

    Hey Tom,
    If you have your gmail account setup as an exchange account, can you sync multiple gmail calendars? I wasn’t a 100% sure from the video. Thanks!

    • bradbamford

      No, it will only sync the primary Gmail calendar. Multiple calendar support from a single account is only available for Hotmail, and Exchange based emails.

      Not just exchange active sync (like google), but a physical Exchange server.

  • Syrious

    is it just me or does that flick on the main screen pwn my current focus. I mean he made it to the bottom of the list in 1 flick – is that a new feature?

    • Syrious

      tom does winrumors sort posts alphabetically? weird

  • Anonymous

    VERY glad to see more search… very.

  • Pinna