Windows Phone Mango version of the Samsung Galaxy S II on the way?

By Tom Warren, on 4th Jul 11 1:00 pm with 33 Comments

Samsung may be preparing a Windows Phone Mango version of its popular Galaxy S II.

Samsung is currently testing a device named the SGH-i937. WMPU notes that the device includes the same bluetooth profile as Windows Phone Mango and is being reported as a Windows Phone device on the occasional gamers list. The Samsung Galaxy S II device features a dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and a 4.3″ super-AMOLED screen. Samsung also ships the device with an 8MP camera with LED flash and a front facing 2MP camera.

Windows Phone Mango is expected to include front facing camera support. Microsoft has not yet officially detailed the hardware specifications for Mango devices but a HTC device leaked last week. The device appears to confirm front facing cam support for Mango. The HTC Eternity is a 4.7″ WVGA Super LCD device with a 1.5GHz CPU, 8PM camera (with autofocus and dual LED flash) and front-facing 1.3MP camera. The Eternity includes 16GB of storage, DLNA support and SRS surround sound speakers. Beta 2 versions of Microsoft’s Windows Phone Mango developer tools include references to front-facing cam support. A new icon appears to be very similar to the rumored “chatter” application that Microsoft may be planning for Windows 8. Details of “chatter” leaked to the internet last month after references to “Chatter” were discovered in early leaked builds of Windows 8. It’s believed that Chatter is a video calling service that will be integrated directly into Windows 8.

Microsoft is expected to ship Windows Phone Mango in the September/October time frame. Nokia will launch its first Windows Phone devices using the new Mango platform. Nokia has previously revealed that it plans to launch its first Windows Phones in six European countries. Nokia plans to launch first in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and the Netherlands. Nokia’s Windows Phone devices are currently labeled with “W” (for Windows). Nokia is also rumored to be launching a dual-core N8 variant with a 12MP camera, QWERTY touchscreen candy bar phone and a cheaper touchscreen device with less expensive body.

Samsung Galaxy S II Windows Phone?

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully it wont look like that! Why is the SGSII like concrete grey?! Its hideous!

    • Joe

      I think it’s gorgeous. Thought so when it had Android, and even moreso now that it may get WP7.

  • Ahmed Salem

    This would be like a sweet summer night dream :)

  • Anonymous

    I *suppose* this will be a good backup purchase if Nokia somehow fails spectacularly.

    • Anonymous

      Nokia is not going to fail with wp7.. unless they want to

  • Anonymous

    I *suppose* this will be a good backup purchase if Nokia somehow fails spectacularly.

  • Brody McKee

    HOT, but I still want SEA RAY :P

  • Richeymeister

    Many manufacturers have devices perfect to port over and ready for their 2nd or 3rd version. Perfect timing and also means mature hardware for Mango.

  • Rarrps

    This picture is of Samsung Galaxy S not of the Samsung Galaxy S 2.

  • TryllZ

    Finally, what I had been thinking over and over again for the last couple of months, a Galaxy Specs Phone for WPM…

  • CG

    Galaxy S2 has a super AMOLED plus screen FYI.

  • Acftootsie12

    Well this might make me switch from an iPhone.

    • AlienSix

      You should be making the switch already

    • Anonymous

      Nokia :D

    • Passthescissors

      it worries me you havnt already… :/

  • Anonymous

    i’ll buy whatever mango phone that comes first to our shores

  • JustPassingThru

    The edited WP7 UI on that SGS doesn’t have the right arrow icon for the apps list…

  • mike g

    After my Focus, im done with Samsung.

    • AlienSix


    • Pacific

      While other OEM phones are getting their upgrades, Samsung is running into problems.
      Not sure if I would have the patient to wait for Samsung to iron out the problem. 

    • Joe

      Just take updates into your own hands, I’m already running Mango on my HD7. XDA ftw!

  • Joe

    Does the person who photoshoped that even know what WP7 looks like? The tiles are taking up 100% of the screen, lol. But the GS2 would be amazing with Mango.

    • Red

      Thought the same thing. But this way you can see that it looks horrible when they are taking up the whole screen, and be thankfull, that they designed it the way they did. Love the UI :)

  • Lewis

    I wish they would hurry up and release these phones.
    My 3Gs has died cometely on me and I without a phone. Don’t think I can hood out much longer.

    • sausage_party

      Much agreed! I’m just waiting for Sprint to get some more options… ugh

    • Paul

      I would be happy with the HD7 now if it had at least 32 GB.

      In pretty much the same situation as lewis.

  • Anonymous

    It’ll be out in US by the time Galaxy SIII is out. Galaxy SII has been released in most countries except US…(You people in US are missing a  lot, the GSII is a really slick phone)

    • sausage_party

      Pretty sure wherever you’re located, your missing the boat on other products, too. Just saying.

  • ouchies

    This is EXACTLY what im looking for. This will be the reason for converting from android… or just having both :P