Windows Phone MIX11 sessions revealed, Sensor Access and New Data Access on the way

By Tom Warren, on 12th Apr 11 8:40 pm with 8 Comments

Windows Phone 7 at MIX11

Microsoft has taken the wraps off a number of Windows Phone related sessions at MIX11.

Here’s the interesting ones, revealed by Microsoft on Tuesday, that were previously marked as TBD:

  • What’s Coming Next to the Windows Phone Application Platform
  • Building Windows Phone 7 Applications with the Windows Azure Platform
  • Going Mobile with Your Site on Internet Explorer 9 and Windows Phone 7
  • What’s New in the Windows Phone Developer Tools?
  • Windows Phone Multitasking
  • Multitasking in the Next Version of Windows Phone, Part II: Using Background Agents
  • Sensor Access in the Next Version of Windows Phone
  • What’s New for Windows Phone Development with Silverlight?
  • What’s New for Windows Phone Development with the XNA Framework?

Microsoft will make a number of Windows Phone related announcements at its MIX11 conference tomorrow. The software giant will unveil more features of its “Mango” update, due later this year. Microsoft is expected to announce support for Silverlight in Internet Explorer 9 mobile, full socket support for developers and camera API improvements. There’s also rumors of a new flexible hardware specification which will see a new chasis spec for Windows Phone.

Microsoft is currently hard at work on “Mango”, its next major release of Windows Phone. Microsoft has promised to ship “Mango” later in the year. “Mango”, the codename for what will likely be named Windows Phone 7.5, is currently in the early beta stages at Microsoft. The company revealed a number of new features in February that will ship as part of its Windows Phone point release later this year. Nokia is also reportedly waiting for the next release of Windows Phone before it unveils its first Windows Phone device.

“Mango” currently contains multitasking, Internet Explorer 9 mobile and Twitter integration. Microsoft’s unveiling in Mobile World Congress tied up some of the unknowns with “Mango” but only scraped the surface of what the release will contain. Microsoft will unveil further information about the Internet Explorer 9 mobile component at MIX11 this week. Microsoft is planning to mark Windows Phone 7′s first birthday with a big platform release. Although Microsoft is still working on the release, codenamed “Mango”, the software giant is expected to brand it as Windows Phone 7.5 as an interim before the platform is aligned neatly into Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

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  • Steve Jobs

    Tom you spelled tomorrow wrong! You put “toorrow”

  • GP007

    Can’t wait for tomorrows keynote.

    • oolong2

      Mee too… waiting for a Silverlight 5 anouncement as well.

  • WP7lover

    I have a dumb question. Will Mango require new hardware or will it be a software only update?

    • MJP

      I also had the same question. I would assume that it’s only a software update based on the info out right now. However, when WP8 comes out will that also just be a software update, or will it not update onto current WP devices?

    • contextfree

      Mango was officially announced as a free update installable on all current WP7 devices. If there’s new hardware capabilities (not announced), I’d assume only features that actually use the new hardware will require it. As for Apollo (WP8), almost nothing has been announced or even leaked about it, so nobody knows. All we know is it is they are working on it now, at the same time as Mango, and aiming for release in late 2012.

  • zizo-88

    Hope they announce the APIs needed to access phone address so there can be whatsapp or kakaotalk.. etc.. This is the only thing holding me from buying a WP7 handset..