Windows Phone NoDo update disabled for Samsung Omnia 7 devices

By Tom Warren, on 29th Apr 11 3:27 pm with 6 Comments

Microsoft confirmed on Thursday that is has temporarily disabled an update for Samsung Omnia devices.

The software giant revealed the news in a blog post comment on Thursday. “Yes, we’ve temporarily stopped sending updates to Omnia 7′s,” wrote Microsoft’s Michael Stroh. “The team discovered a technical issue with the update package for this model.” Microsoft says it’s working on fixing and testing the package and hopes to resume delivering the update shortly. WMPoweruser speculates that the update may have been pulled due to Samsung’s mixed history with firmware changes on its handsets.

Microsoft famously experienced issues with its first February pre-NoDo update on Samsung Omnia devices. Some devices were left in a “bricked” state. Microsoft temporarily disabled the pre-update for Samsung devices on February 23 before fixing it and redistributing it later.

In related news, Microsoft updated its where’s my phone update? page this week to reveal it is scheduling NoDo on AT&T’s HTC Surround and several Deutsche Telekom devices. Microsoft is expected to deliver the NoDo update to both sets of devices in the next 10 days. Microsoft is also delivering NoDo to Australian Optus users.

Samsung Omnia comment

  • Keno Butler

    its microsoft, naturally there gonna sort this out, even if its delayed

  • WP7HowMuchLonger

    I still haven’t gotten NoDo for my revision 1.4 Focus!

    • Anonymous

      Try plugging your phone into your computer and connect to the Zune Software….that is how I got the update on my Focus. My wife’s focus pushed the update notification without connecting.

  • Mark

    This is past embarassing now…

  • David Petrla

    Dear Microsoft, you have a web page dedicated to providing info about updates now, so I have a tip for you: Please consider to put there a short notice about the new Omnia 7 issue, it will save many people a lot of time.

    I wrote about it the day the NoDo was stopped, on April 9th:

    You informed your customers 19 days later and just in a blog post comment.

  • Grannyville7989

    Hm, makes me think whether using the workaround to install NoDo on my Omnia 7 was a good idea.