Windows Phone NoDo update pushed to Telstra customers

By Tom Warren, on 11th May 11 11:57 am with 6 Comments

Microsoft has started to deliver its Windows Phone NoDo update to Telstra customers.

Telstra Windows Phone users are now receiving Microsoft’s Windows Phone NoDo update and the 7392 security update. Telstra’s delivery heaps pressure on Telefonica. The Spanish operator is still testing the February and March Windows Phone updates. Microsoft confirmed the delivery of Telsta devices in a blog posting on Tuesday.

Microsoft’s customer experiencing engineering manager Eric Hautala also confirmed that the company is still working on Samsung Omnia 7 and Focus issues preventing some users from receiving the NoDo update. “I know some of you are eager for news on the Omnia 7 and Focus issues I discussed last week,” said Hatuala. “We’re making progress, but I don’t have anything new to report just yet. As soon as I do, I’ll let you know.”

Microsoft is currently tracking two issues that could temporarily prevent some Windows Phone 7 owners from receiving updates. Hautala revealed last week that Microsoft is still working on a new update package for Samsung Omnia 7 owners. Microsoft has temporarily disabled the NoDo update for Samsung Omnia 7 devices. “The new package is nearly ready, and we’re eager to resume updates to this model,” said Hautala.

Microsoft also discovered a new issue with its NoDo update. “We’ve also been looking into reports from a small number of Samsung Focus owners on AT&T who haven’t received an update notification,” said Hautala. Microsoft claims Samsung has been sourcing two separate flash memory components for its Focus devices. Most focus owners have revision 1.3 of the device and are receiving updates, those with revision 1.4 aren’t. “We’re now working closely with Samsung and AT&T to test and deliver an update for this group,” said Hautala.

  • GP007

    So if all goes right maybe everyone will have or start getting the newest update before the month is over.

    • Msisdying

      Yeah, maybe by end of May they can all have an update that was completed in December.

  • Morgan Wisbey

    When are AT&T Focus phones going to get the 7392 update? There is nothing about it on the “Where is my update” page and Zune says my phone is up to date.

  • Sugeyboy

    I have an at&t Focus and NoDo installed fine after that long wait. Now where is custom ringtones? Microsoft should not mess this up like the phone companies messed up with caller ID on land phones! Can we have custom ringtones ASAP?

  • Mike Pietrorazio

    Ya, still waiting for 7392 on AT&T focus here too, and I waited for the official Nodo.

    • Morgan Wisbey

      Same here. I guess we will just have to wait.