Windows Phone “NoDo” update starts rolling out to AT&T devices

By Tom Warren, on 19th Apr 11 6:28 pm with 20 Comments

Windows Phone 7 update

Microsoft started distributing the Windows Phone “NoDo” update to AT&T devices on Tuesday.

AT&T’s Samsung Focus and LG Quantum devices started to receive update notifications on Tuesday morning. WinRumors exclusively revealed on Friday that Microsoft will push the update to both devices starting April 19. AT&T’s HTC Surround device is still undergoing testing and AT&T expects to deliver the NoDo update in mid-May. “We know we still have plenty of work to do,” explained Microsoft’s Eric Hautala in a blog posting on Friday. ”The HTC Surround, for example, won’t be joining the update party just yet. One of these third-party software “packages” earmarked for the HTC Surround needs additional testing by both Microsoft and AT&T. I apologize for the delay. As soon as I have more news, I’ll let you know.”

AT&T customers will also get access to two special features as part of the NoDo update. The first is “WISPr” protocol support, which makes it possible for Windows Phone to automatically switch over to AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots when in range. The update also includes support for AT&T Address Book, a wireless sync tool between your phone and online address book.

In related Windows Phone news, AT&T has started to sell 8GB Windows Phone 7 certified microSD cards. The cards are designed especially for AT&T’s Samsung Focus device. Microsoft also hit the news this week for offering a free Windows Phone to Barack Obama. The U.S. president was reportedly disappointed with the lack of cool phones at the white house. Microsoft stepped in over Twitter to cheekily offer him a free Windows Phone.

Thanks to WinRumors reader Bryan Gilomen for the news tip.

  • Anonymous

    I’m curious if those of us who used either the VPN/Zune workaround or Walsh’s tool will receive a notification today to receive those AT&T-specific updates.

    • seareg

      I used the Walsh’s tool right when it become available, today I got a update notification and Zune updated my Focus with no problems.

    • mike g

      ya, my Focus seems to be updating fine so far and i use the Walsh tool

    • Anonymous

      Good to know. I updated my girlfriend’s phone using Walsh’s tool, so hopefully she receives an update notification today. On the other hand, I unbranded my phone and used the VPN trick, so hopefully I’ll receive the update, too (I rebranded the phone back to ATT-US).

  • Anonymous


    The wait begins for Mango ;)

  • Preston Moore

    Seriously? HTC Surround not available til mid-may? Man am I glad I did the early update hack with Zune. Even if I’ll have to factory reset the device to get the Mango update later, it’s still well worth it.

  • GP007

    Better late then never.

  • Anonymous

    Those guys actually do make a LOT of sense. Wow.

  • Svargasa

    I used the woraround to get NoDo…..I was surprised to find an Update notification today when I connected my Focus to my laptop…..Zune is applying updates as I write this comment…

    • Anonymous

      Did you use Chris Walsh’s tool or did you unbrand your phone in the registry and use that VPN trick?

    • seareg

      I used the Walsh’s tool

  • Steve

    Woo! Can’t wait to get home and update! And now the wait for mango ;P

  • Rnweber602

    ah be careful, was at work and updated the phone. thinking there was only one update. finished the update, and had to run home to grab a cable and omw saw it was saying I have a new update. well I got home and plugged in the phone to the computer I registered the phone with for syncing and behold there is another update, (The march update I have been waiting for) and thought ok I can wait the 20mins, and it took about 26mins to get to the 7 out of ten (backing up took forever . took to long so I had to leave my phone at home :(

  • Anonymous

    Updating to NoDo on my Focus right now! I didn’t get any notification, but I just plugged it in and checked for an update through Zune.

  • Syrious1

    got my update, sorry AT&T for all the $h!t I talked.

  • Robert Wade

    I used the unbranding workaround to get the update early. Unexpectedly, my phone re-locked by the time I got the NoDo update, so I’m pretty sure it’s still unbranded. Zune is telling me my unit is up todate (not that I’m broken up about that). So, I think the rumors are true–unbranded phones will likely not get the AT&T update.

  • Robert Wade

    Word of caution…if you unbranded your phone, updated and find your phone is now locked (registry hack and other homebrew no longer work) then the only way you can get this version of the update will be to restore your back up via Zune then reapply the updates.

  • JeepGuy

    Woo hoo!!!! Just did my updates this morning. 7008 stopped at step 8 of 10. But my phone was completely rebooted, and showed 7008 firmware, so I disconnected. Reconnected for NODO and that update when perfectly smooth.

    C/P works good. ALSO…camera settings still revert, however it looks like they made Anti-Shake default to ON. Not sure why we even have this setting…

    Oh well…Im not even sure how to test anything else. Hoping my bluetooth works better today, but Im doubtful.

    I never recieved a message on the phone about an update. Not until I plugged into ZUNE. Maybe thats how its supposed to work? I dont know.

  • JeepGuy

    YAY!!!!! BLUETOOTH IS STILL SKETCHY!!! Thats SUCH a relief. Here I was thinking that was going to be fixed during all this time we waited. Since, in this day in age, bluetooth is so important, it makes perfect sense that it doesnt work properly.

    SWEET! Bring on Mango next year!!!… hahahahaha.

  • Wp7Wait

    I plugged my Focus into Zune but am not offered an update – just the message “your phone is up to date”. What the hey-ho?