Windows Phone Xbox companion app available Tuesday

By Tom Warren, on 5th Dec 11 8:10 am with 15 Comments

Xbox companion app for Windows Phone

Microsoft announced on Monday that it plans to make its Xbox companion app available to download on Tuesday.

The free application will be made available to Windows Phones and features an easy way to control an Xbox console with a Windows Phone.

The app will be made available for free to Windows Phone users and will let owners find and control content from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace on the Xbox 360.

  • Finding content - Xbox companion provides access to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace of games, movies, music and TV shows.
  • Learn more about your content – The Xbox companion app will provide information and related details about specific content on the Xbox 360. If an Xbox owner is listening to a song then Windows Phone users can simply bring up information on the song name, artist and albums etc.
  • Control and play - The Xbox companion app includes a controller mode that allows Windows Phone users to navigate the Xbox dashboard or control video and music playback.

Microsoft’s companion app is part of a number of new integrated experiences between Windows Phone 7.5 and the new Xbox dashboard. The software giant claims the control mode for Windows Phone is “virtually instantaneous,” allowing users to use their phone as a TV remote. The app can only be used to control video content at this time. It will be made available on Tuesday December 6 at the same time as Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 dashboard update. Check out our hands on below.

  • Jubbin Grewal

    Good timings, new Dashboard plus New App to control it. Beats having to shout at the Kinect!

    • Anonymous

      If you have to shout, you need to re-calibrate.  Make sure when you run calibration you have your audio volume at the louder volume you watch movies or play games with. Once you do that, you don’t need to yell :)

    • Jubbin Grewal

      It was a figure of speech byronm :)

    • SmokeMonkey

      I think he/she knew that ;)

  • Anonymous

    What I’m really looking forward to is the Halo ATLAS application.

  • Anonymous

    Cool, now let me migrate my region. Since I moved to another country xbox live turned into a total a pain for me.

  • Anonymous

    Cool, now let me migrate the region from my account. Since I moved to another country Xbox live became a pain.

  • Terence Cassar

    hope its an international release not US only 

    • Tsz-him Chan

      Seems to be only available in English markets till now

  • rojo

    This app should allow me to push images and video that are in my PeopleHub from my phone to my TV. I hope they add that soon.

  • Anonymous

    I hope it will integrate with results from Netflix and any other video “apps” you have installed.

  • Anonymous

    It should let you use the phone as a mic if you don’t have a Kinect. It may already, but I haven’t seen it used that way.

  • Tomprofan

    1.) I want Zune on the XBOX, cause the still old musicplayer is 90s and WMC is painful slow over Wifi
    2.) I want to control Zune via WP7 so I can choose whats playinf on my hifi whichs is connected to my stereo

    Why does Apple have Airplay and Microsoft nothung similar ?
    Cant be technologically impossible….

  • Anonymous

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  • lwillieluv

    android users need this to!