WinRumors Windows Phone Mango VIP live blog

By Tom Warren, on 23rd May 11 5:57 pm with 12 Comments

Windows Phone Mango live blog

WinRumors will be live from Microsoft’s Windows Phone Mango event on May 24.

We’ll be live blogging the event alongside Michael Gillett from Stay tuned for the latest news on Microsoft’s Windows Phone future, alongside device hands-on and feature round-ups live from Microsoft’s Windows Phone Mango VIP event.

The live blogging will commence at 3PM UK time (see other time zones) on May 24. A live video stream is available here.


  • Alex Wilhelm

     Little early?

  • Alex Wilhelm

     Little early?

  • Ronit Kumar

    Can we expect some videos too ?

    • Anonymous

       There will always be video

    • Anonymous

      Microsoft has been doing live streaming of their presentations for a couple of years now. 

  • Mark Gibbs

    the link says 10am on the 23rd ? 

    • Tom W

      Fixed, thanks. 

  • brian L

    The live video stream will be available at 10am tommorow at this address: 

  • Avatar X

    I must also note how incredibly great Microsoft Silverlight Live Streaming is now. From this year MIX i sure noted a big bump in streaming quality.  Watching a keynote in flawless HD(720p) in full screen on your PC or on the TV is just awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know the link to Microsofts stream?