Xbox 360 dashboard update released, locks out pirates

By Tom Warren, on 19th Jan 11 1:01 pm with 6 Comments

Microsoft released a new Xbox dashboard update on Wednesday.

The January 2011 dashboard update is a fairly minor release which is designed to re-enable the ‘Boot to Disc’ option in the Xbox 360 dashboard. The update is mandatory and Xbox 360 owners will be prompted to update the next time they sign-in to Xbox LIVE. Microsoft has also blocked some popular flashed firmware disc drive modifications with the update. Pirates typically flash their DVD drives with modified firmware to bypass Microsoft’s game security checks.”Anti-piracy 2.5″ is the software giant’s latest attempt to thwart console pirates. According to nearly 200 posts on a popular Xbox 360 moding forum, pirates are having a number of issues loading games after the mandatory update.

Microsoft’s ‘Major Nelson’ also confirmed that Microsoft is planning to tweak its Gamercards. Microsoft is planning to update gamercards on Thursday January 20. “We’ve updated the Gamercard look and feel a bit and removed gamerzone from the card. Other than that, the same amount of information is on the card,” said Major Nelson.

Microsoft revealed at CES earlier this month that the company has sold over 50 million Xbox 360 consoles worldwide since launch. Microsoft also has 30 million active Xbox LIVE members and has sold 8 million Kinect sensors in just 60 days on the market. Microsoft is planning to introduce Hulu Plus for U.S. Xbox LIVE subscribers in Spring this year. The software giant will also push out a Spring dashboard update that will include support for the recently announced Avatar Kinect.

New Xbox gamercards


    I would like to point out that many people also flash their drives for legitimate reasons, i.e. being able to make one backup copy of your software, in order to protect the original disc from accidental damage. Even caused by faulty xbox’s in the past, which was happening in huge numbers. But no doubt, many also use it for less moral purposes.

    • GP007

      That .ay be a valid reason, back then but you’re able to install games to your HDD now so the chance of your disc getting scratched has dropped to almost zero.

    • DARKFiB3R

      You still have to keep the disc in the tray, and swap discs for each game. So I’d say the chances haven’t dropped at all, in that regard.

  • Anonymous

    Hulu Plus? I already installed PlayOn on my PC. Now I can stream the free version of Hulu through my Xbox.

  • Tristan Thomas

    This block only works for certain games and not all. This article is missing key information compared to this one:

  • SPANKiE 101

    Well that lasted long, you just need to patch the 3 games affected.

    Looks like this could be an ongoing battle though. Who has more time to waste on this particular cat and mouse game, remains to be seen.