Xbox 360 dashboard update roll out starting “within the next few hours”

By Tom Warren, on 6th Dec 11 11:59 pm with 50 Comments

New Xbox Dashboard

Microsoft Xbox 360 dashboard will start rolling out to Xbox LIVE members within the next few hours after a minor delay.

Larry Hryb, Microsoft’s Major Nelson, revealed that the company plans to push the final update to the first set of Xbox LIVE members in just a few hours. “Sorry for the dash launch delay,” said Hryb. “First set of customers will be getting the Xbox LIVE update within the next few hours.” Microsoft had originally promised to deliver the update to all consoles by 3PM GMT on Tuesday but delayed the launch due to a last minute glitch. Microsoft blamed the delay on “deployment issues”, a Microsoft spokesperson said the following:

“We apologize for the delay in launching the new Xbox 360 dashboard. We’re working through some deployment issues and within a few hours the first customers will begin to receive the update. Because customers in this first phase are not selected based on geography, we can’t specify which individual consoles will receive the update first. We share our customers’ excitement for the new dash and will provide an update as soon as possible.”

The dashboard update will bring Microsoft’s Metro style interface to the Xbox 360. Microsoft is also preparing to include YouTube support later in December. Bing users will be able to use Kinect’s voice recognition feature to search for movies, music and other content on their consoles. The new dashboard will also enable Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone integration with Xbox, see a video demonstration here. Microsoft is expected to deliver its Xbox companion application for Windows Phone alongside the new dashboard update.

  • Paul Hill

    Beta members can already get TV stuff now :D

  • Anonymous

    At least your not as horrible as google, that’s the only plus

    • Anonymous

      I don’t get it ? or was this not a joke ?

    • Anonymous

      Haha yes! If MS were like Google with updating, then you would have to buy the latest console refresh to get the new update, or else wait one to two years.  Unless your console is more than 2 years old, in which you can forget about any further updates or support.

    • Anonymous

      ah xD i gets it now….lolyeah Android is completely fragmented….

  • Anonymous

    Got the updated Netflix and others on the early beta. I think I like the Older version of Netflix Better, but the New versions of Hulu and Syfy are what I’m looking for. Can’t wait for XFinity. I really want to try the Windows Phone integration.

    • Anonymous

      new UI is terrible (plus it does not conform to any of the other apps/xbox dash) BUT Netflix on Xbox now supports 5.1 surround as well as subtitles. Facebook and Twitter need updates also!

    • trashoner

      so what’s so terrible about it? I think its awesome, especially if you already have a Kinect.

    • Anonymous

      Sweet, just checked out the new app.  Very very happy to see Bing integration.  Haven’t decided whether the new version is better or not.  There are some things i like about it, but it feels kind of laggy, doesnt it?

    • Anonymous

      O: I wasn’t aware that syfy was comming…
      a nice surprise ;P

  • Guest

    Well, since nobody else has said it, here’s to Larry Hyrb for doing a fantastic job of proactively letting people know about the delay, setting expectations for when people should expect to hear, and apologizing for the inconvenience.

    • Tom W

      Agreed, he’s a great example of how Microsoft interacts with the community.

    • Zikalify

      He hasn’t let me know if anyone was fired over the delay though :/

  • Lachlan C McLeod

    Got it.. up here in Vancouver, Canada.. Just downloading the netflix app now

  • CircuitSoft

    I dont care if it comes late. I just want to brag to all my anti-microsoft friends about the dashboard.

  • Gajakannan

    So how does one get an update? It will automatically recognize when you connect to xbl? I am not getting any yet :(

    • Sean M

      Many times you can “force” 360 system update prompts to pop up by going to Network connection test under settings and testing your Xbox Live connection. Maybe try that. Otherwise I’m sure it’ll prompt you within a few hours.

  • Lewis McCrary

    Netflix UI is a bit laggy.  I like the idea but the implementation needs work.  I also don’t like not being able to hit the L and R buttons to be able to skip back and forwards. :(

  • francisco castillo

    Got it down here in Dominican Republic, seems like they flipped the switch for everyone! (or at least a good bunch of us!)

  • Dragon1986442

    i still have not got it yet and if im online will it just turn off my xbox ??

  • brendan

    Can anyone let us know how big the update is. My only internet access is via 3G and somewhat overpriced. Don’t laugh

  • Aslickricko82

    this sucks cant get online work all day now i cant even relax bull

  • Aslickricko82

    you turn this crap on in another country but no in the us what the crap thumbs down too xbox live rite now you should give away free points or something there is a new update all the time but when you do them it would be nice if you would put what the update is for when it pops up on the xbox … im done here my next stop is mw3 forum they messed up the spawns and theres no where too snipe whats the point of a sniper rifle 

  • Richard

    Its not letting me connect ONLINE!! WTF, it say there is an update and when i click Accept it fuckin says i have an issue connecting to XBOX LIVE! FUCK YOU MICROSOFT FIX THIS SHIT

  • Richard

    Went to Test Connection and it says connected to Internet, then it say Cant connect to Xbox Live. I HAVE A VALID GOLD MEMBERSHIP SO HOW THE HELL IS THIS HAPPENING? i turned off the 360 completely unplugged everything and reconnect it and the same shit happens again,
    My Brand New SLIM glitched or what?

    if this update fucked my system up then Major Nelson is going to owe me a bitch ass system

    • Matt Valentine

      My system works fine here. :) New dashboard is awesome!

    • Hookem

      Network was bogged down. I didn’t have issues connecting to live this morning while turning on a netflix movie for the kids.

  • Mike Kyle

    Is that why nobody can sign into xbox live

    • Simon-191

      hi can u login  xbox

  • Dee

    Got it, looks GREAT. Back to Skyrim now :-)

  • Ringo Wong

    I just got mind!! Salt Lake City, UT !!

  • Jarrodhutchin

    This update fucked my xbox keeps diconneting me

    • Simon-191


  • Abylouis

    Got it downloaded around 7PM EST last night. Still missing the XBox companion app for my phone.

  • Jayanta_mohapatra

    I got the update here in Singapore. But other than interface change I couldn’t find anything new. In apps marketplace only Facebook, twitter is there. At least I was expecting YouTube. Really got disappointed. Recently I renewed my gold membership thinking about this updates benefits but there nothing. MS please add at least YouTube in Singapore. Please, please …

  • Nagtuani

    ok a bunch of people had a problem with the DLing the new update anyone know why people can’t sign back in to XBL, cause my friends weren’t able to yesterday when they DL the update

    • Guest

      Had same issue, but it appeared to be caused by the need to agree to a new service agreement.  Once I did that, I was set to go….GREAT UPDATE!!

    • Anonymous

      The network was hammered.

  • Elliotcukier

    how can i find the xbox app in uk

  • Joe

    Is YouTube not out yet for the new Dashboard? I can’t find it anywhere.

  • Morgan W.

    If I was part of the beta program should I get an update to the final version? I still have a section on my XBox for prelease and I have found that The Zune Music and video app no longer work.

  • trashoner

    same problem here. I tried doing a hard update with a USB and nothing is asking me if I wanna update when turning one the console.

  • Mike Poole

    I really feel for those in other countries. I cant say all the fault should lie with MS on why alot of you are getting left out in the cold on the content. Alot of it is your own countries or the prospective media partners there not trying to work with MS. Usually its to do with who wont be making enough money from it all. As well as a few biz-legal issues. But hopefully its something that’ll eventually be resolved.

    So far I like the new look. Unlike most, I HATED NXE! But the new look just fits more nicely. I do have but 1 gripe. And thats directed more at these so-called “partners”. Than MS themselves. WHERE IS DAILY MOTION, CRACKLE & YOUTUBE?! I thought these were things projected to be ready and launching with the update. Not weeks-months AFTER it! WTH?!

  • Info

    I hate the new Metro-Style UI because there is no more MY XBOX PAGE and also it feels like it is no more MY BOX anyway, also where is my Avatar? Yeah, i liked my Avatar, i want it back, i don’t want it by the Community Shit, i want it back on MY XBOX PAGE because then it feels again like it is MY XBOX and not a Advertising Device lik eit is now!

    Well, i think i will sell the Xbox (i call it the xbox, because it doesn’t feel anymore like it is my XBOX) and get an PS3 or i wait for a PS4, but no more next XBOX for Sure if i don’t get back the MY XBOX PAGE along with MY AVATAR!

    Also i was not able to connect back to M$ Live too and then got kicked several time after succeded, and it becomes worser, several Games crashed since i have this new shit of Metro-Style UI Update, Games that never crashed before now crashed 3-5 Times since this Update – Fix it Microsoft or you will loose me for sure!

    First fix want is, i want get the old Style back as a Choice or a possiblity to get MY BOX PAGE back along the MY AVATAR in front and as first Page, and then i want bieng able to customizing the Tabs to my needs what is displayed and what not – i don’t want Music, Videos, Movies and all Socializing Crap, i want solely GAMES and GAMES CONTENT, GAMES ADS, simply everything about GAMES, nothing else, i hate facebook so please delete it out the XBOX!

    Else i will JTAG the XBOX and converting i back into MY XBOX and get rid my self of all the non needed crap!

  • Pkm

    This dashboard is so bad, looks a bit better but its not functional at all, all it is is a big sign to buy things you dont want, thats why the game is the smallest possible icon while the shop is the biggest, best example of how NOT to make ANYTHING.

  • Jaylo

    The new Netflix update is absolutely horrible. It’s so bad I’m considering switching to a Netflix alternative. Netflix WTH were you thinking?