Xbox 360 fall dashboard going public December 6, Metro to the masses

By Tom Warren, on 22nd Nov 11 9:32 am with 24 Comments

New Xbox LIVE dashboard user interface

Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 dashboard will be made available on December 6.

The software giant announced the date on Tuesday. The Verge reports that starting December 6, the update will be made available publicly to all xbox 360 owners. The software is currently under a beta preview, with thousands testing the new features. Microsoft started accepting nominations for the Xbox dashboard beta last month. The software maker closed registrations after just 24 hours due to popular demand. The newly designed dashboard will offer the following features:

  • New Xbox LIVE Dashboard with integrated voice and gesture controls - We’ve updated the dashboard, making it easier to navigate through content, whether you use Kinect or a controller. Use voice and gesture controls to float through the menu and select games, movies, music and applications.
  • Beacons – Beacons allow you to tell your Xbox LIVE and Facebook friends that you want to play a game on Xbox LIVE, making it easier to jump in and play together. By setting a Beacon, you tell Xbox LIVE what you want to play. Then, Xbox LIVE lets you know when friends are playing or want to play the same game.
  • Facebook Sharing – With Facebook Sharing, now it is easier than ever to brag about all your achievements to your social network. With the integrated “share” feature, you can tout your achievements and showcase your in-game accomplishments through instant, direct posts.
  • Roaming Profile – With new roaming profiles you can now bring your complete Xbox LIVE® profile to any Xbox 360®, including game saves, friend lists and your Gold membership, to your friend’s house for more fun.

Codenamed “Madrid”, the November dashboard update will bring Microsoft’s Metro style interface to the Xbox. Microsoft is also preparing to include YouTube and Bing on the Xbox. Bing users will be able to use Kinect’s voice recognition feature to search for movies, music and other content on their consoles. Microsoft is also planning to include some type of Marketplace with applications for Xbox 360. The new dashboard will enable Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone integration with Xbox, see a video demonstration here.

Microsoft will also introduce an Xbox LIVE TV service as part of its dashboard update. The company announced deals with nearly 40 content providers recently. Bravo, Comcast, HBO GO and Syfy are amongst a number of TV providers for U.S. Xbox owners. The BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5 are partnering with Microsoft in the UK to offer programming on the Xbox 360. Xbox users will need the latest dashboard update, due in November, to experience live TV with Xbox LIVE. Microsoft is planning to make the TV channels available to Xbox LIVE gold subscribers and some partners will integrate Kinect experiences with their TV channels. Microsoft’s TV service is powered by the company’s Silverlight software.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really intrigued by what they have in store for the app Marketplaces. My dream would be that some sort of merged Xbox-Windows Phone marketplace is coming, that’d be a HUGE boost to the WP ecosystem,

    • Anonymous

      touch UIs don’t work well to TVs. It’s own marketplace is what xbox needs. I hope this isn’t like the zune marketplace where only MSFT’s trusted parties were allowed to make apps. They need to open it up to anybody, just like with the phone.

    • John Mccallum

      I think its going to be like Zune marketplace. Or else someones going to make a browser app lol. If apple is a walled garden xbox is a fortress. And its quality control and tright integration that has made it so successful.

  • Sean M

    I’m in the beta preview and the new Metro user interface is a huge upgrade to the overall look and feel, the dashboard is much more appealing now. Bing search works really great too even if you don’t have a Kinect.

    I just hope this final release includes the YouTube app – it’s not included in the beta dashboard and Microsoft have been mysteriously silent about it after E3.

    • Anonymous

      you’re also under NDA and shouldn’t be discussing it publicly. didn’t you read the terms and conditions of your download and NDA agreement?

    • Henry Edwards

      True, but to be honest, there is nothing new compared to what we have seen already. Theres only a few things that we testers would like to see which we have not seen demoed

    • Sebastian Gorgon

      That doesn’t mean he can openly talk to anyone about it… he broke NDA and that’s the end of it. 

    • EskimoBob

      Anyone bitching about breaking the NDA, get a life… honestly. If no one broke NDA you’d never hear about shit. Heck you’re on a rumor site.

    • Guest


      What part of NDA are you having trouble understanding?

    • Sebastian Gorgon

      Nice you just broke the NDA, on a Microsoft relative site where probably a lot of Microsoft employees come 

    • Sean M

      There’s always some smart ass that complains about NDA’s being broken even when all the information has been public knowledge already for months. Yes I broke the rules, no I don’t care. I’m sure Microsoft will be super angry about me praising their dashboard update and mentioning the Metro UI and Bing. Cause it’s not like they’ve already released official screenshots (seen in this very article) or have publicly demoed it in front of thousands at E3, right?

    • Guest

      I don’t think he’s being a smartass. You gave your word not to disclose and you’re now breaking that. You even admit it. Sure, you can try and rationalize that by pointing to what MS or others are doing. You even raise some valid general concerns. But in the end that doesn’t change the fact that you’re responsible for your own actions. /ethics 001

    • Pooper

      you guys are a bunch of losers… NDA. Who cares?

  • Thomas Jennerwein

    In Austria nothing new is coming …. In germany the have lovefilm vod.
    Why do we need an expensive EU and still the contentproviders are doing their sales country for counrty…

    • Terence Cassar

      Agreed here in Malta we have the same issue :|

    • Homer Web

      Exactly. Same with Zune Pass, SAT TV, iTunes and so on AND on AND on…. You can name it…

  • aSpicyTaco

    All I care about is live TV.

  • Henry Edwards

    There is no official statement from Microsoft syaing that this new dashboard is going to be out on 6th Decemebr. So we should wait until we see a statement from Microsoft saying when it’s out.

    As i think there is still more testing to be done on the Preview Dashboard

  • JimmyFal

    We are allowed to talk about stuff that has already been announced. Just not whether or not it works correctly and has bugs etc. It will be interesting to see the amount of stuff that us testers were not privy too. And there was a lot that we were not.

  • Rollermanx45


    • Juush

      loolololol <3

  • Screw You

    You people complaining about an NDA are a bunch of squares. Shut up losers.

  • thanks4fucking^mydayoff

    This update fucked up my LIVE! It’s my day off, and I don’t have patience for this shit. All I wanna do is smoke a blunt and play battlefield.