Xbox dashboard update may land on November 15, marking 10 years of Xbox

By Tom Warren, on 29th Sep 11 11:54 am with 18 Comments

New Xbox Dashboard

Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox 360 dashboard update may land on November 15, according to reports.

An internal PayPal email to employees this week suggested that the software giant is planning to launch the new dashboard on November 15. Kotaku managed to get hold of a copy of the email and reports that the date lines up with previous updates. Microsoft has issued dashboard updates in 2008 and 2010 in November. The software giant originally launched its original Xbox console on November 15 in 2001. A dashboard update on November 15 would mark 10 years of Xbox.

Codenamed “Madrid”, the dashboard will bring Microsoft’s Metro style interface to the Xbox. Microsoft is also preparing to include YouTube and Bing on the Xbox 360. Bing users will be able to use Kinect’s voice recognition feature to search for movies, music, Xbox LIVE content and more. Microsoft is also planning to include some type of Marketplace with applications for Xbox 360.

Microsoft will also introduce an Xbox LIVE TV service as part of its dashboard update. Microsoft is looking to use the Xbox as a distribution device for cable TV and is reportedly working to secure lucrative deals with the biggest cable TV providers in the United States. The company originally announced its plans for an Xbox TV service at the E3 entertainment expo earlier this year. The company revealed it was partnering with a number of content providers to stream live TV to the Xbox and planned to announce several partnerships soon. Microsoft has yet to officially confirm which partners will power its TV service in the U.S. but recent reports suggest that the company is in talks with cable distributor Comcast and Verizon Fios.

Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 dashboard will enter the beta testing phase in October. The company is planning a Preview Program for the new dashboard, similar to last years preview. Microsoft is expected to announce details of the preview program in the coming weeks.

  • Muhammad Arif

    Hey, same timing as Halo CE Anniversary. Halo and Xbox celebrating their 10th anniversary together lol.

    • Silophant

      It was a launch title. By definition, they were released on the same day.

  • IRB

    Yeah, Nov 15th is a good day this year :)
    To be clear though, the October thing is a Preview release, not a Beta release as described :)

  • Anonymous

    So I don’t think I have ever seen a clear answer on this, but if MS partners with Comcast or Verizon on the TV thing, does that mean you do not need a cable set-top box?  Since they are 10 dollars or more a month to “rent”, not having to have one may actually make me reconsider cable.

    • Anonymous

      Gah, wait, I just realized that may be a dumb question.  Since Xbox doesn’t have a coax input, I guess it wouldn’t be possible to ditch the traditional cable box.  Unless your house has HDMI ports in the walls…

    • J A

      No coax required since cable TV will all be delivered over the internet to the Xbox you already have, which is why it is called IPTV and will be available wherever you are as long as you have internet connectivity and the laws there allow it.

    • Anonymous

      It’s just like Sky here in the UK, it’s delivery over the internet. No need for a Sky set top box or Satellite dish.

    • Anonymous

      Thats what some bloggers have hinted at but no one knows for sure.  It would make sense but the bigger question is would I need to buy a new XBox that requires a cable card?

    • Anonymous

      I guess I would like to see MS slightly revise the XBOX to include a coax input port.  For those of us that already have an XBOX, maybe they can release a decently priced adapter.  The point being, the vision of xbox is to act as a one stop entertainment hub, so we should get to the point where you don’t need a separate cable box that just routes the signal to your xbox.  It will also help screw over Motorola makes a lot of set-top boxes :)

    • Anonymous

      Microsofts Live Tv solution will be delivered using their MediaRoom software. MediaRoom does not use traditional Coax it uses IP to deliver television. SO your ethernet/wifi will be the delivery method to your xbox.

    • Anonymous

      I think so, we already get Foxtel Cable TV in Australia on the Xbox. It requires you to already be a Foxtel Subscriber. So you have the option of using the set top box directly or streaming over the internet via the Xbox.

  • JimmyFal

    If they can remove the INPUT button from the mix somehow, it will change the way grandma uses the TV. Because Grandma still doesn’t know how to use the INPUT button, and won’t use the TV because of it.

  • Anonymous

    When is YouTube finally coming to the Xbox? 

    • Anonymous

      Last i heard the dashboard update includes youtube support and if this rumoe is true, nov 15th

  • Benjy91

    Damn, I’m being deployed to the Falkland Islands on November 5th :-(

    • Not ice_fusion.

      See if you can get into the beta preview and download it early. Keep checking throughout october for a post announcing beta signups… spots can go QUICK. If you can get in and download early, at least you’ll know what to look forward to when you come back. 

      Oh, and serving in the military? Thanks for your service!!!

  • Anonymous

    i think theyll make a bundle with halo cea. that would be cool

  • Keith Connolly

    Not sure if I’m a fan of Metro yet.  Windows 8 feels quite constricting.  WP7 feels great though.  Then again I think anything is better than the current XBOX window pane sliders.  The XBOX metro feels very PS3 meets Metro, which is a good thing (in dev. preview for xbox & w8).