Xbox sales nearly hit 1 million in biggest Xbox week in history

By Tom Warren, on 29th Nov 11 10:02 pm with 30 Comments

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that it has sold over 900,000 Xbox consoles in just one week.

The software maker shifted more than 960,000 consoles in the U.S. alone during the week of Black Friday. More than 800,000 were sold in just 24 hours. “Xbox 360 should deliver its eleventh straight month as the number one console in the US,” said Microsoft’s Jeff Meisner in a blog post on Tuesday. “Microsoft expects holiday momentum to continue, driving Xbox 360 to finish the year as the number one console in the U.S.” Highlights include:

  • Xbox 360 sold more than 960,000 consoles in the U.S. alone, with more than 800,000 sold within a period of 24 hours.
  • More than 750,000 Kinect for Xbox 360 sensors were sold in the U.S. – standalone and bundled.

Microsoft is currently preparing an update to its Xbox 360 console, due next month. The dashboard update will also bring Microsoft’s Metro style interface to the Xbox. Microsoft is also preparing to include YouTube and Bing on the Xbox. Bing users will be able to use Kinect’s voice recognition feature to search for movies, music and other content on their consoles. The new dashboard will also enable Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone integration with Xbox, see a video demonstration here. Microsoft plans to make its dashboard update available on December 6 for all Xbox 360 customers.

  • Karl Cramer

    Resurrecting told running joke Kotaku used to make about the Wii in its heyday: “It prints money!”

  • Guest

    Um MS, how’s Europe and Asia going?


    • BadManDuke

      We’d know if either region had something like NPD to track sales data.

    • Guest

      This data is coming from MS. I’m pretty sure they know what they sold in those other geographies too.

    • BadManDuke

      both are still harder to track because neither are a single regional market as the US is.

    • Auctiongames4sale

      Eurpoe is actually going well for them, and has been for several years. They are still behind Sony in terms of marketshare and the mindshare of the public, but overall they have something like 19 million XBOX 360′s sold over there. I believe Sony has about 10 million more lifetime of the PS3 there, which shows that they have been selling more briskly since they launched 6 months after the XBOX did there. Overall though, it is Asia that has been the biggest disappointment. They have sold something like 2 million units in 5 years. Very disappointing, but that is a declining market anyways, whereas US and Europe are rapidly expanding

    • Guest

      Good info. Thanks!

    • Thomas Bundgaard

      Asia has always been dominated by Sony and Nintendo, since they are… well, Asian companies.

  • JimmyFal

    God I hope I can search Netflix with Bing, and Live TV. Hoping they tighten up the loose ends if you know what I mean.

    • BadManDuke

      Searching Netflix with Bing was demonstrated at E3.

      Live TV is still anyone’s guess, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being available.

    • Anonymous

      and its in the BETA, dont worry :)

  • Anonymous

    I was one of the 900k+ that purchased one. @$199 for a 250Gb xbox and $99 for a kinect, black Friday was the perfect time to  buy one.

    • Anonymous

      I recommend Kinect Sports and Children of Eden.  , 

    • James

      where did you get the 250 gb for 199? I only saw that model for 299??

    • Anonymous

      There was 250gb for $199 bundled with Fable 3, Halo and Xbox live membership. I missed out tho cos that bundle soon dissappeared

  • Guest

    Whoaaa Thats HUGE!!!!

  • adam

    does anybody know if bbc iplayer will be on xbox

    • Levi Freeman

      bbc iplayer will be on the xbox next month or january. as well as 4od, 5ondemand, lovefilm and youtube plus some others (vevo, dailymotion too many to rememeber). Thats the UK list by the way.

      it will be for non xbox live gold accounts too.

  • teusje

    damn, battlefield 3 servers will get crowded :D

  • TGR

    I remember when the original Xbox came out and I loved playing Halo on it.  At said time critics dogged it and wrote it off.  Fast forward to present time and the Xbox 360 is the console of choice.  I loved my Xbox then and love the Xbox 360 now.  

    Now, MS needs apply the same philosophy to WP7 as I am getting mine soon.  Again, lets hope history repeats itself just a heck of a lot sooner.

    • Xmark Live

      yes yes yes window phone……..i guess i gotta wait for window phone 8 to be taken serious

    • Cody

      I felt the original xbox was so powerful but no one took advantage of it.

      And WP8 is going to be a hell of an OS, I can’t wait!

  • Pierre Venescar

    I’m getting mine soon

  • Bobjones

    Do they have Black Friday in those regions?

  • Anonymous

    All of you that said MSFT could never win against the playstation should join all the guys that say windows phone can never win and share ideas on how to be wrong with style in a few years yet again.

  • CircuitSoft

    Meanwhile Playstation Suckurity has Quintillions of fans hooked.

  • Xmark Live

    japan sold 1000 xbox systems last year

  • Anonymous

    That’s an insane amount.

  • Anonymous

    The dashboard upload is released Dec 6 and it is a large update.  Think of all the billions of bits that are going to be delivered between then and Chirstmas day.  Has the Xbox update service ever died?

  • Sjohn

    Windows Phone 7.5 is the death-bell for Apple and Android…unless they invent themselves in a different way…The live tiles are just awesome, the features are awesome…I have WP7.5 and iphone 4S…  i would say Apple is good only because it has more apps….which can be found in Windows phone marketplace very soon….there is a huge number of handsets which suits to our wish…the fastest growing app market and the beautifully designed live tiled OS which gives a new cool experience are the backbones….Microsoft is back….WP7.5 is one very stable OS very easy to use, very easy to connect with friends and families…user friendliness has been always the target of Windows…In WP7.5 its true again….try once you will love it….