Xbox Spring 2011 dashboard update due May 19, Avatar Kinect May 27

By Tom Warren, on 9th May 11 9:03 pm with 16 Comments

Microsoft is expected to launch its new Spring 2011 dashboard update for the Xbox 360 on May 19, according to reports.

The software giant will also introduce its Avatar Kinect service on May 27. Joystiq reports that a solid source has confirmed the two dates. The update will be distributed in six separate waves between May 19 and May 30 “to ensure a high quality deployment,” according to leaked documents. The spring system update will also include support for Microsoft’s new disc format and updated PayPal support. Microsoft will extend the PayPal payment option to new international markets alongside the dashboard update.

Perhaps the most eagerly awaited update is Avatar Kinect. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer originally introduced Avatar Kinect using his own Xbox LIVE avatar at CES earlier this year. Avatar Kinect is a unique way for Kinect users to interact with each other. Kinect supports facial tracking and even facial expressions that will allow users to talk to each other with their avatars. Microsoft is calling Avatar Kinect a “social experience” that will bring your avatar to life.

The software giant is providing over 15 different stages for users to pick from and use Avatar Kinect. The stages range from kids themed stages to performance and broadcast stages. Avatar Kinect tracks users mouths and eyebrows to animate their avatars live on the screen. Avatar Kinect will allow users to join sessions and chat with each other to create shows that can later be uploaded and shared with others.

  • GP007

    whaaaa international paypal support? Finally!

    • Anonymous

      I also screamed “whaaaaa” when I read it friend :D Really some serious shit going on at Microsoft, all those cool things being released or announced lately, getting me really excited !

  • Ef Jay

    I would be surprised if avatar kinect was an eagerly awaited feature.

  • Diego3336

    I wouldn’t be surprised if PayPal support requires a PayPal account based in the same country as your Live account, so… :~(

    • Anonymous

      Would much rather have Kinect voice etc added into the whole dashboard experience. As is now, its useless.

  • Shiro

    Can’t wait. This might be up before PSN.

    • Mike_mssux

      haha update sucks banned me but not for long

    • Eli

      how are you going to get unbanned?

  • Pantaleo A

    they should update the menu bar when watching a DVD/video it looks like crap,does anyone agree?

    • Vincent Westberg

      i agree i also think that ESPN should have a reminder feature

  • Chris

     this is just for kinect 

  • Smokey_24317

    are they banning ppl that are modded?

    • that_dude

       yes. If your xbox is modded, you have to get it remodded, before you are able to play any game on the xbox 360.

    • Vincent Westberg

      my sons is only flashed this wont effect him will it he doesnt even play burned games on it we bought it that way

  • Xbox

    Yup absolutely agree.

  • Vincent Westberg

    update deleted my modded Gamertags Microsoft you Suck but ill have more just watch

    psn is still down omg i would be pissed