You can now use any Email address with Hotmail

By Tom Warren, on 1st Nov 10 5:25 pm with 1 Comment

Microsoft announced on Monday the immediate availability of EASI ID for Hotmail.

EASI ID allows users of Hotmail to add any existing email address and get all the features of Hotmail without the hassle of changing their email address. Microsoft says implementing the feature was easy. “Implementing this was fairly straightforward given the architecture of Hotmail, our POP aggregation support, and the “Send As” feature that lets you send mail from any validated email address. We just needed to tweak the way we store and look up email addresses, build the first-run experience, and we had it,” said Hotmail Program Manager Dick Craddock.

To try the new feature you simply have to register and validate an email address. Over 30 million people currently use Windows Live ID with a separate email address. If you have a Windows Live ID then simply go to and sign-in. Hotmail will connect to your existing email address and import all your mail using POP. Once the import is complete you’ll be able to begin sending and receiving mail from Hotmail with your existing address.

The rollout of this feature has begun today and may take a few days to reach every Hotmail user worldwide.

How the new Hotmail feature works

  • Brian Kvalheim

    I get an error when clicking on “Get Started” once I get in the Hotmail inbox.